Back on the Right Coast

8 Dec

So, I’m trying to figure out the best way to tell you all about our trip to San Diego without boring you to death or driving myself insane.  So, I thought I’d make you a few lists, and then tell you some good stories later this week.  Sound good?

Things we learned:

  • How to start a Prius Hybrid.  This was after 20 minutes of trying to start it in the rental car garage.  We finally had to call the guy over.  He didn’t laugh too hard.  j-car.jpgj-car.jpg


  • Don’t drive in a strange city without a GPS.  Seriously.  my new BFF is Maggie the Magellan.  J had trouble trusting her, but she really is the best thing ever.  Unfortunately, she’ll go back to my dad tomorrow.  I hope I can find my way to work.


(I can’t get this any bigger, but its only a picture of the GPS).

  • Monkies really do suck on their penises, just like in those e-mails.  I found this to be hilarious, especially once I realized what they were sucking on.  J was horrified by me saying (loudly, in front of a toddler) “Look: He’s sucking his penis!  Oh, you would too, if you could!”


(I couldn’t get a picture of him in action, sorry!)

  • When a ride says “You will get wet” and it is only 60 degrees out, don’t go on the ride, even if it is your most favorite ride ever.  It makes for a very uncomfortable remainder of the day.


  •  Seals (or sea lions, I never get them straight) love fish.  But so do the birds, and they will dive bomb your head to get to said fish. 


  •  There are literally too many restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter.  J & I wandered around for an hour, looking at menus and getting beers.  Then I was too drunk to eat anything besides pizza.


  • Christmas parades in 70 degree weather by the beach are weird, but fun.


Next time: Things that Rock in San Diego.





2 Responses to “Back on the Right Coast”

  1. Mare December 9, 2007 at 6:33 am #

    I love your blog because I can learn new things about the world.

    I’m glad the trip was fun.

  2. Jane December 9, 2007 at 10:14 pm #

    Welcome back! I missed you.

    Monkeys and sea lions and Priuses! Oh MY!

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