Stuff that Rocks in San Diego

10 Dec

First, the Animals:

Merkats.  If you haven’t seen “Meerkat Manor,” I highly reccomend it.  These things are so cool.  I love how they stand on guard, just waiting for something bad to happen.  I bet they get bored in the zoo.  Nothng bad ever happens there.  I’m sure the poachers hanging out in the parking lot mean no harm.


Pandas.  The baby panda wasn’t ready to come out, but this guy was great.   He had a buddy sleeping in a tree too. 


Baby elephants.  So cute.  But the big elephants started to get all mad at each other, and I was afraid we’d have a stampede on our hands.  Stampede is not cute.  (Stampede <> cute, right, Mare?)


 Dolphins (see below for my slightly traumatizing Sea World story)




(On another note: Animals that don’t rock = birds.  I don’t like birds.  They squak too much, they poop on you, and they’re boring.  Blech.  Every time I saw them at the zoo, I muttered “Damn Dirty Birds” and moved on.  Some were pretty, but still stinky & loud). 

Food that Rocks:

Jamba Juice.  Mmmmmm.


Mexican food close to the border.  


Other stuff that Rocks:

Being on the ocean in the middle of the winter.  Even running on the ocean is more gooder.  (Well, not on the ocean, per se, but next to the ocean.  I’m not Jesus).


Watching the Pats beat the Ravens in a wicked close game at a bar full of Patriots haters.  The Patriots are to football what the Yankees are to baseball. But this is fun for me, so its okay.   (Another math equation for Mare:  TB QB = HOT T)


My traumatic Sea World story: 

I need to preface this by telling you that before we left for San Diego, a co-worker told me a story she saw on TV about dolphins at Sea World trying to mate with a woman in the pool.  Seriously.  So this was in the back of my mind when they were in Sea World. 

So, we went to the dolphin show at Sea World.  They had a family come up, and they got to do things with the dolphins.  The dad got to shake their flippers, the mom (Missy) got to hold the rope so they could jump over it, and the little boy got to pet one.  Oh, how cute, right? 

When the little boy was about to pet the dolphin, the trainer said “Missy, make sure you get your camera ready!”  She was sitting on this rock wall thing, leaned back to take a picture…and fell into the water! 

I was horrified, because I could totally see something like that happening to me.  I probably would have just died from the embarrassment, but the mom swam towards the wall. 

Then the dolphins approached Missy.  I immediately thought of my co-worker’s story, and was convinced the dolphins would either try to mate with her or maul her.  I knew we were going to be on Animal Planet’s “When Animals Attack.”  They were going to shut the park down and there would be an investigation.  And the kiddies would cry and cry.

But then Missy grabbed on to the dolphins’ fins and let them drag her around the pool.  And I, in my still horrified and gullible state, thought, “Wow, that’s gutsy.”  Then the trainer on stage said “In case you haven’t already caught on, Missy is one of our trainers!”  I felt pretty darn stupid, but a lot of other people fell for the cruel joke too.  I think.  I hope.

Here’s a picture of that bitch who tricked me, aka Missy the fake mom before she ruined her pretty outfit in the nasty sea water filled pool.  Serves her right.




7 Responses to “Stuff that Rocks in San Diego”

  1. Jane December 11, 2007 at 10:35 am #

    I think my dog is actually a meerkat.

    Boo for fake moms creating stress in your life. Boo hiss.

  2. Julie December 11, 2007 at 2:02 pm #

    I bet he is!

    Thanks for the fake mom sympathy. I just hope the little boy wasn’t too scarred…

  3. brio December 11, 2007 at 3:08 pm #

    Dolphins mating with a human? Maybe that’s why that Brit married a dolphin. The thing must be hung like a dolphin!

    The San Diego zoo is one of the, if not the very, best zoos in the country.

    Buffalo, on the other hand, is in the center of that drab horrid city and nothing was so disconcerting as driving on a busy downtown street as a passenger, rounding a corner, and seeing a giraffe trapped in what appeared to be a 12×12 foot cage.

  4. jessica December 11, 2007 at 9:03 pm #

    i love reading your blog!!!

  5. KyLydia December 12, 2007 at 6:30 am #

    Even though I’m a Patriots hater, I cannot deny the accuracy of your mathematical equation. TB QB = HOT T

  6. Mare December 12, 2007 at 11:20 am #

    Thanks for the math equations, you prove math can be fun!

    If it helps, I didn’t see the trick ending coming either. We had a SeaWorld in Ohio (which has been mocked by many and didn’t occur to me as a weird choice in my youth) and that must be a new trick.

  7. Melanie December 13, 2007 at 9:57 pm #

    I like to think that if I ever fell into a dolphin tank, that
    a. I would have the presence of mind to just go with it and not panic, and
    b. the dolphins would just *know* how much I love them and take very good care of me.

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