A New Feature! wikiHow of the Week

27 Dec

One day I noticed a section on my Google homepage for wikiHow.  Feeling bored and not interested in actually talking to my husband, I started poking around.  Within five minutes I learned how to make a roast on my car engine.  Fabulous!  For those of you who don’t know, wikiHow is basically an on-line how-to manual.  For everything you’ve ever wanted to know.  If its not there, you can add it.

My favorite feature of wikiHow is the Random Article Button.  I just clicked on it, and got “How to Unblock Your Nose”  Something everyone should know how to do.  Another great feature is the related articles that apear at the end of most entries.  For example, the nose related ones include:

  • How to Stop a Nose Bleed
  • How to Pick Your Nose Inconspicuously
  • How to Swim Underwater Without Holding Your Nose (something I’ve never learned how to do, by the way)
  • How to Clear up Your Nasal Passage
  • How to Pick Your Nose Inconspicuously includes pictures, numerous methods, and this helpful warning: Never perform a visual examination on whatever it is you have extracted from your nose! This is most amateurish and is one of the most common ways of getting caught.

    wikiHow runs the gamut from entries as complicated as  How to Effectively Convince Others You Are A Woman Without Getting a Sex Change  (these people may also be interested in How To Apply Makeup as a Man), to entries as simple as How to Make a Ham Sandwich (although I don’t agree with the addition of mayo & tomato, but that’s another story).

    I’ve even found the perfect article for me: How to Eat Pizza While Jogging, which comes complete with the ever so important warning: Eating and running at the same time WILL PROBABLY make you choke.

    Anyway, to proclaim my new found love of wikiHow, Lord, Beer Me Strength is now going to feature a weekly post dedicated to a random wikiHow.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, aside from post it and giggle, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a way to make some witty commentary about the topic.  Or maybe not.  In the meantime, make sure you read up on this to stay informed.


    2 Responses to “A New Feature! wikiHow of the Week”

    1. Jane December 28, 2007 at 9:29 am #

      Oh, I love you. This is awesome. Can we get some video of you eating pizza while jogging? TIA!

    2. Julie December 29, 2007 at 2:57 pm #

      The pizza I can make happen. The jogging isn’t looking too good right now.

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