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19 Jan

How to Let out Your Anger

a good guideline for the picture

“Oh, gosh, I absolutely despise that math teacher! Blah, blah, blah, ‘Honey, pay attention, oh look, your test: let me rip it up in front of you and give you a zero!’ Blah, blah, blah.” Does this sound familiar? Whether it’s your teacher or your boss, everyone gets mad at someone, and needs something to vent their aggravation out on.



  1. Draw a picture of them and make it as ugly, hideous, and grotesque as you can.  Embarrassingly enough, we actually did this in high school (we = the corporate we).  We drew a picture of our Calculus teacher, complete with the shirt sticking out of his fly and everything.  I think he may have found it, and then we felt horribly guilty.
  2. Look at a mirror and pretend that they are standing right there, and you can’t get in trouble for whatever you say. This makes you look a bit crazy.
  3. Write a letter to them and write the most inappropriate things possible that you really would say to them if you could (do not actually send!). Duh
  4. Download a picture of them onto a picture editing program. See how they’d look with a mustache, beard, runny nose, etc.  Okay, this could be amusing.


  1. Apologize.  If you want to keep your friendship.  If not, just stay angry and let it fester.  No need to talk it out or anything.

In General

  1. Take a run, go swimming, play a sport with a friend. Physical exertion is a great way to get rid of stress. Anything to get your mind off of the topic.   Maybe I should get mad at someone to make me actually go running.
  2. Scream into a pillow. Pile all the pillows you can get, jump onto them, scream, and punch at the pillows. Pretend it’s the person you’re mad at.  Again, makes you look crazy as well as angry.  Not a good combo.


  • If you find that you’re using this article excessively, you might want to lower the hatred on people you meet. Good point.  Or try Anger Management classes.  I had a friend at work who had to take these after screaming at a co-worker for 30 minutes.


  • Do not let any teacher, friend, or boss witness any of the things you wrote, drew, or spoke! YOU COULD GET FIRED, SUSPENDED, OR LOSE A FRIEND!
  • Do not actually send the angry letter.  

Both of the above are big duhs.

This week’s topic wasn’t so helpful, so here’s another just for fun.  I’m not commenting because, frankly, I’m not really sure what the hell it all means.

How to Varial Kickflip

This is basically just a tre flip with a 180 shove-it instead of a 360 shove-it.


  1. Place your front foot just like a kickflip and the back foot like a pop shove-it.
  2. Pop the tail not for ollie but shove for it. This will make the board do the specific turn.
  3. After that, slightly and swiftly and also very fast kick it(but not too much, only do it fast.) Prepare your body for landing a Shove-it.
  4. Practice.


  • While You do need speed for this trick, too much will result in a bad landing and to little or none at all will make the trick almost impossible to do.(the board will either go to far away or wont spin enough).
  • You don’t need to know how to kickflip. You just need the beginning stance.
  • This trick can be learned very fast and is Simple yet it LOOKS complex. It is a very good crowd pleaser.
  • If you cant get this trick down correctly in a matter of days then learn the Pop shove-it and kickflip separately.  


  • Watch out for your ankles… sometimes the board may spin badly and hit you in the lower legs…


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