wikiHow of the Week: For my Teenaged Boy Readers

1 May

How to Be a Great Teenage Boyfriend

A guide to be a great teenage boy friend.


  1. Always be polite, never be a jerk.  (These are generally good words to live by)
  2. Keep what you do together between you and her. (Don’t kiss and tell)
  3. Always treat her with respect.  (R-E-S-P-E-C-T)
  4. Compliments are great but keep it to a maximum of two times a day. (why?)
  5. Make her feel like she is safe and wanted. (Can those two go together?)
  6. Never leave her on her own for your mates. (No Bros before Hos, I guess)
  7. Never pressure(or let anyone else pressure) you or her into doing things.
  8. Take it slow. This is the secret to all successful teenage relationships.
  9. Never feel embarrassed by her. (Unless she has poppy seeds in her braces.  Then its okay to be embarrassed)
  10. Never be afraid hug her / kiss her in public (PDAs are bad, mmmkay?)
  11. Always stick up for her (“You can be my hero, baby”)
  12. Wait by her locker and maybe give her a kiss on the cheek, but don’t be late for class! (Don’t be a fool, stay in school)
  13. Always talk to her and be kind and protective, but let her do her own thing (she has to learn how to stick up for herself)
  14. Always talk to her and never be afraid to talk even if your with your friends
  15. Say hi to her in the hallway and talk to her



  • Compliments are a sure fire way to get a “Aww you’re so sweet” but only if you use them appropriately.



  • Don’t ever cheat.  (never ever)
  • Don’t over complement her. she will think you might be obsessed and break up with you.  (I don’t think so)

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