Entertainment Updates

13 May

The New Kids new song hit the radio last week.  I think its kind of “eh.”  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it sounds a bit too nineties, yet not the good kind of nineties.  Its also creepy to hear 35 year old men crooning about picking chicks up at the beach.  It was cute when you were 20, Jon, not so much now with the hair plugs.  The song, is, however, catchy, and I caught myself singing it when I was cleaning the other day.  I have a bad feeling I’ll end up buying it.  I already changed my ring tone to “Step by Step,” so why not?

Tori Spelling may be in talks to appear in the 90210 spin off (or at least People is pretending she is).  Unless they all come back, its not worth it.  Do you hear me, Luke Perry?!?!

On another note, I know I shouldn’t care, but why on Earth is Jennifer Anniston dating John Mayer?  I can’t stand him.  Sure, his voice is nice, but his lyrics are awful.  “Your body is a wonderland”?  Come on now.  Get some real lyrics, like “Please don’t go girl.”  He’s creepy, and she can do so much better.  Jen, if you’re reading, go back to Vince! 

Lastly, Lost is fabulous and all, but I need it to end soon because I can’t stand not knowing whats going to happen.  It drives me crazy and keeps me up at night.  And the 10 pm time slot has got to go now.   Even Matthew Fox half naked can’t keep my eyes open until 11.




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