16 May

Why do couples have to have two sinks in the bathroom?  J & I might be in the bathroom together getting ready once a month.  Do you have to be in there at the same so often that no double sinks is a deal breaker?

There is a good reason why absinthe was banned in the US.  And just because something was banned and is no longer banned does not make a good reason to try it.  That’s some weird shit, man.

Do basketball fans have to chant “Defense (clapclap) Defense” every.single.time the other team touches the ball?  It makes me dislike basketball even more than I already do.

If you have two kids and four bedrooms, and you make the kids share a bedroom so you can have an office and a guest room, you’re mean.

New Kids on the Block were on the Today show and I missed it.  Here’s a clip in case you did too.  I don’t like the girls dancing with them on stage, but I love all the retro gear the fans broke out for the occasion.

Dirty martinis may be my answer to beverages without enough salt to keep me happy. 

My new BFF is the Pioneer Woman.  She’s got some fabulous recipes.  One day I’ll tell you about my new obsession with bread making that she helped create. 

BAC announced that we could wear jeans on Fridays.  You would think they announced that we were each getting million dollar bonuses this year instead of 8 hours worth of denim.

My inner fat kid is in search of those little butter cookies shaped like flowers, but not the sugar free kind.  Readers who mail me some will be rewarded with my love and affection, plus S & H.

I’m bored with wikiHow of the week.  Suggestions of catchy posts I can do every week are more than welcome. 


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