Memories, Part One

21 May

Melanie had this great idea on her blog, and, the good little kleptomaniac writer’s blocked blogger I am, I stole it from her!  But she said it was okay!  Here’s the first fitty!

  1. Hanging my head out of the limo at my wedding while I waited for the guests to arrive.
  2. Driving to the Alamo for lunch, just because.
  3. Watching the Sox win the World Series in 2004.
  4. The birthday J & I Spent at Nantasket, when I knocked an ice coffee cup off the balcony on to a truck and set off the alarm.
  5. Going to Friendly’s with my aunt for Reese’s Peanut Butter sundaes.
  6. Standing in the cocktail room at my wedding with just my dad, who asked if I was nervous.  I said no, then watched as my maid of honor was just about to walk through the doors, and said “okay, now I’m nervous.
  7. Waiting to go into the living room on Christmas so my dad could set up the video camera.
  8. Filming “The Victory Garden” with my Papa.
  9. School break trips with my mom, Greg, Cindy & Joe.
  10. Seeing J standing on the stage waiting for me, grinning from ear to ear.
  11. Dancing to “Like A Prayer” at weddings.
  12. Climbing in the windows of Hillary on Saturday nights.
  13. Swinging on the swings at Fogarty.
  14. Going out for Italian with Josh.
  15. Knowing that our wedding may be the one time in my life where everyone I cared about was in a room together.
  16. Crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon.
  17. Storming the stage with Team GDT at the Komen.
  18. Listening to “Ms. Terry’s Finishing School for Young Women”
  19. Running the Tufts 10K and telling myself to leave it all on the course, and coming in at a great time.
  20. Switching around the nameplates at TAC.
  21. Having Chinese food at my grandparents as my Papa was dying, but still finding things to laugh about together.
  22. The day J told me he loved me, knowing it was coming, and praying I wasn’t wrong.
  23. Drinking beers with the boys at lunch.
  24. Dancing outside to Steve Anthony.
  25. Crying at the end of Kirsten’s wedding.
  26. Swimming in the heated pool at Disney when it was freezing out.
  27. My first birthday with J, when he made a two hour round trip drive to give me a beautiful necklace before I went out with friends.
  28. Going to the Sox/Yankees game in 2004 and knowing it was one of the best baseball games ever.
  29. Listening to my cousin play “You Raise Me Up” on the piano for my Papa.
  30. Changing the channel on my Grandpa so I could watch “You Can’t do that on Television.”
  31. The Christmas we got Nintendo.
  32. Getting a mullet for Karen’s wedding (not on purpose!)
  33. Rolling around in an office chair at my mom’s work.
  34. Sitting at the pool bar in Costa Rica, drinking pina coladas, and listening to “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”
  35. Driving up to Salem for the witch trials history day project.
  36. Mr Jackson’s History class, tenth grade, when he said “They were out in the forest with lions and tigers” and the whole class responded “and bears.  Oh my!”
  37. Going to NYC by myself.
  38. Reading the girls their poems.
  39. Meeting Theresa for the first time.
  40. The day my dad took me out for Chinese food before I went to college, and he cried on the way home.
  41. Being a bird in a play in first grade, and my mom & Nana came to watch.
  42. Taking my cousins to Build a Bear for a Girls Day Out.
  43. Karen singing “Isn’t She Lovely” to Nikki’s baby.
  44. Taking the boys to Dave & Busters.
  45. Watching Kirsten & Jamie dance their first dance at their wedding.
  46. J’s grandmother hugging me and welcoming me to the family — the day after I met him!
  47. Taking J to visit his best friend in New Orleans.
  48. The fact that the girls think Nikki’s baby has aged 5 years every time we get together.
  49. Frat picnics & pig roasts.
  50. Driving to Florida on a bus with the chorus, getting stuck at a South Carolina McDonalds and playing Duck Duck Goose in the parking lot.

More to come!


4 Responses to “Memories, Part One”

  1. Becca May 21, 2008 at 11:59 pm #

    What a coinkidink! #37 is one of my favorite memories of you too.

  2. Melanie May 22, 2008 at 8:11 pm #

    Oh I’m so glad you did this! I love #22 the best – it made me tear up! Your list also made me think of some I wish I’d included on my list!

  3. Julie May 22, 2008 at 8:55 pm #

    would have bet money that it was you instead of Karen (#43)

  4. Mare May 22, 2008 at 10:22 pm #

    Love #40.

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