Memories: Part 2

11 Jun

This bunch was way harder than the first fifty!

(No, you’re not having de-ja-vu.  I can’t get them to renumber from 50 on, and I’m too lazy to type in the numbers myself). 

  1. Ordering room service in Costa Rica at midnight and eating grilled cheese in bed.
  2. Running on Coronado Island.
  3. Stuffing the mailboxes in Mrs Fermainian’s third grade classroom.
  4. Making my first foul shot — a bucket shot!
  5. The end of our rafting trip, when we all just floated down the river, exhausted.
  6. My going away parties at TAC.
  7. The day J & I signed our lease, bought a mattress and had lunch over plans of setting up our bedroom.
  8. Getting up at three am to leave for vacation, so we’d get there early, and not waste a day.
  9. Drinking on the beach.
  10. The year my parents bought my brother & I the set of basketball cards, and we returned them for the box of packs, because we liked opening them.
  11. Playing on the rocks.
  12. Going up to school to see Marty Quirk on a Wednesday night, then going to work the next day hungover.
  13. Singing Green Alligators.
  14. Holding the babies at the day care.
  15. Calling in sick to work to go to one of Kirsten’s dress fittings.
  16. Moving into our apartment and ordering Dominos while unpacking.
  17. Playing the harmonica with Leroy the Iguana.
  18. Watching the kites fly in Newport.
  19. Sitting on the beach on Marco Island, doing nothing.
  20. Making the lady at the bridal store pull out 30 dresses for Kirsten & I to try on.
  21. Listening to Ant sing “Oh What a Night” in his basement.
  22. The day Mikey told me they were going to ask Greg to pledge.
  23. Meghan & Betsy locking Kirsten & I out of her house, barefoot, in the snow.
  24. Friday nights at the hockey rink.
  25. Going to the rocks in Narragansett and walking to the “car” while Kirsten carried her sopping wet shoes.
  26. Hanging out on the lifeguard chairs at the beach.
  27. The care package Kirsten made me when the boy I had a crush on told me he liked her.
  28. Drinking with J and discussing our plans for our life.
  29. Lunch at the Cabbyshack the day we got engaged.
  30. Driving to the beach in Mikey’s Jeep, getting oil all over my shirt from the stick shift not being covered well enough.
  31. The Red Sox 2004 Victory Parade.
  32. Christmas mornings with J, coffee with Baileys & Banana Bread.
  33. Making my cousin laugh with his Snuggle Teddy Bear.
  34. Chowder & Clamcakes at George’s after a long tough day on the beach.
  35. Dancing to Britney Spears while my friends laid on my bed and sang along.
  36. Going to Watch Hill with Amy Jo.
  37. Regulators…Mount Up!
  38. Halloweens when we were too old to trick or treat.
  39. My grandmother letting us stay up until midnight on New Years Eve, and toasting the new year with egg nog.
  40. When Betsy & I used to try to listen to the Lion King soundtrack simultaneously on the phone.
  41. Eating lobsters when my aunt & uncle babysat.
  42. J waiting for me when I got off the plane from Ohio.
  43. Riding my bike to my friend’s house —  a whole 5 miles!
  44. Playing Rock Band with Kirsten & Betsy instead of going to a bar.
  45. The first goal I saved in soccer.
  46. The day I bought my car.
  47. Trying to swim/boat/float across the lake.
  48. Sitting under the hot springs in Costa Rica with a fruity drink.
  49. Getting a free beer from Jerry Remy on the Green Monster (after he checked my ID).
  50. Having the offer accepted on our first house!

2 Responses to “Memories: Part 2”

  1. Mare June 12, 2008 at 5:15 pm #

    I think #50 wins!

  2. Melanie June 13, 2008 at 7:15 pm #

    I could swear I commented on this earlier today, but it’s not showing up.

    Anyway, I’ve been waiting for you to finish – it really is harder than you think, huh? Congrats on the house!

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