Movin’ On Up

20 Jun

As I mentioned a few posts ago, J & I have an accepted offer on a house.  We now have a signed Purchase & Sales, a very good home inspection, and a pile of mortgage paperwork to complete.  Oh, and the highest interest rates in 9 months.  Yay.

All this is fine and dandy, but what I’m most concerned about it how long it will take me to get our home in picture perfect condition.  We have an advantage, as the house is newer and needs no work.  Not even paint!  But it needs stuff.  Like furniture. 

I may have mentioned that I’m anal.  I’m a Virgo, it comes with the territory.  I know your first home is not supposed to be perfect.  But mine must be!  Oh, I know there will always be things to do.  But I won’t rest until the furniture is in place and the pictures are hung on the wall.  Of course, we have no furniture, which is a slight problem for the wallet.  But, hey, that’s what tax refunds and second jobs are for! 

When J & I moved into the apartment, we got our keys on a Friday night.  By Wednesday, we were all set up and ready to go.  This time, I plan on taking a week off and not returning to BAC until the place is beautiful.  Advertising can wait!  The house must look good!  I have a plan: Close & clean Monday, move Tuesday or Wednesday, and furniture shop & unpack the rest of the days.  Who am I kidding, the furniture will be waiting for us at the door the day we close!  I wonder if our Realtor gives presents like HGTV does on My First Place?

I digress.  The one spot the house needs work is the yard.  Not a lot of work, but some bushes, some more flowers, and a vegetable garden that I will spend all winter researching and planning for.  Oh, and maybe a new deck, because its kind of ugly.  And maybe unsafe, but whatever.  J’s first order of business is to move the plants away from the house so we don’t become infested with bugs, but I’d prefer to leave them alone & focus on bigger things, like my vegetable garden!

J will also need to focus on mowing the lawn, all .85 acres of it.  I’m not even sure where exactly our land is, so he’ll probably end up mowing the neighbor’s lawn too, but they have a pool we plan on using while they’re away, so I’m sure it will even out.  My parent’s friends were nice enough to give us their lawnmower, which is great, because you can buy a lot of Ikea furniture for the cost of a lawnmower.  Its not a riding mower, which is perfectly fine, as beggars can’t be choosers and we’ll take anything we can get.  But I would have loved to see J look like this one day as he hauls ass around the yard.




One Response to “Movin’ On Up”

  1. Mare June 22, 2008 at 4:59 pm #

    Hooray for houses!

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