Judgemental Judy

25 Jun

I am a bitch in my own mind.  Sometimes this flows outward into the public, but I try to control it.  I judge people in my mind a lot.  Not really my friends, but definitely the public.  Most of these seem to revolve around public transportation.  Here are some of my latest and greatest.

  • Wearing a lime green sports bra and shorts will not make me more likely to buy the homeless person’s newspaper from you.
  • If you’re running for a train that doesn’t leave for five more minutes, I want to trip you.
  • Why do people walk fast at walk signals and slowly at do not walk signals?
  • Just because I’m short does not mean you can walk really close to me.  I have personal space issues!
  • There are a million trash barrels between the train and the door to the station.  There is no need to stop and cut across a crowd of people to throw out your Wall Street Journal.
  • Your bag does not need its own seat when the train is crowded.  Move it, sistah.
  • Yes, I know you have somewhere to be.  We all do.  That does not give you the right to stand in the street like a dog waiting to cross, and then hold up traffic just so you can get your latte before your meeting.
  • I did not “let you go” in front of me while I was running.  I stopped because you didn’t see me and I wanted to live.
  • Calling a meeting on a Friday at 9 am and then showing up 45 minutes late is just plain rude. 
  • Don’t argue semantics with the leader of a 9 hour seminar when you’re in hour 2.  No one wants to hear it.

Wow, I guess that was mostly gripes & rants.  Sorry.  🙂  I’m bitter because I have to run an awful race tomorrow with BAC, and I don’t have any friends. 


One Response to “Judgemental Judy”

  1. jessica June 26, 2008 at 3:39 pm #

    I just love your blog! Reading it make me laugh and makes me not so pissed that I’m painting my kitchen solo!

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