I Could be the Next Design Star

19 Jul

When J & I moved into the apartment four years ago, we needed nightstands.  My mom (aka Bargain Queen of the North-East) found us a couple of nice wooden nightstands at yard sales.  I think I stripped them before I painted them white, with pretty red drawers to match our bedroom decor.  How Martha Stewart-like. 

The nightstands have taken kind of a beating.  J insists on leaving tootsie roll pop sticks on his, and I spilled a half a bottle of red nail polish on mine (prompting a “this is why we don’t paint our toes in bed” from J).  Plus, our bedroom decor will no longer be red, white & blue, but light blue & dark blue.  So, I dragged the nightstands to RI to paint them in my parent’s backyard. 

The original plan was to prime the red drawers and spray paint everything a fresh coat of white.  Sounds simple enough, right?  If you’re anyone but me, I’m sure it is.  I got to the house, spread the nightstands and drawers out on the yard, and started priming.  I like priming.  You can’t ruin it, and it never makes anything look worse than it already does.  Its Idiot-proof paint!  So, I happily slathered it on, thinking that this was easy and I’d be home in no time.

I bought a can of cinnamon spray paint at Home Depot last week, thinking it would look cherry-ish, and that I could fake people into thinking we own nice furniture.  I took my cinnamon paint and tested it on the inside of a drawer.  Looked good!  So I started spraying away at the nightstand.  Have you ever spray painted something before, aside from graffiti?   Its hard.  Seriously.  The paint pools and isn’t even, and it makes your thumb hurt to hold down the nozzle.  I didn’t like it.

I also didn’t like the cinnamon.  It looked too orange.  Instead of going back to my original plan of white, I found an espresso paint in my parents garage, and painted the other nightstand that color.  The espresso was a lovely dark brown that would go with nothing else in our bedroom, but it sure was pretty!

There was also only one can of it, so I got in my car, covered in paint, and drove to the local hardware store, vowing not to step foot in Home Depot on on Sunday morning.  Of course, on the ride there, I thought about the espresso and decided I wasn’t really sure if I liked it or not.  I convinced myself that it looked great and would class up the room. 

Then I got to the hardware store and there was no espresso to be found.  No cinnamon either, for that matter.  Not much of anything, actually.  I convinced myself that this was a sign, and that I can’t spray paint well anyway, so I should buy a can of white paint and a fancy new paintbrush to solve my problem.  Figuring out what white to buy was a whole other ballgame that I’ll spare you.

Back to my parents I went, to re-prime and repaint.  All to get white nightstands, which is what I started out with anyways.  I could have just painted the drawers and covered up the nail polish, but instead I spend 4 hours, $20 and a weeks worth of paint dried to my legs to get white nightstands.  Look out HGTV, here I come!


2 Responses to “I Could be the Next Design Star”

  1. Mare July 20, 2008 at 9:30 am #

    I give you two thumbs up for not just leaving w/ one cinnamon and one espresso.

    That alone could make you a star!

  2. monnik July 22, 2008 at 2:46 pm #

    did you try to mix the cinnamon and the espresso? That sounds tasty, er, I mean pretty…

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