Post #100!!!!

14 Aug

I wrote this post in boredom today at BAC, and when I came home to post it, I noticed that this is my 100th post!  Yay me! 

I know I’ve been slacking lately.  I left you hanging with the house
updates, and I know you’re all so sad about that.  Imagine how obsessive
I’ll be when I have a baby?

The house is good.  I miss it when I go to work — how lame is that?
We’ve been in there for almost three weeks, and, as predicted, are all
unpacked.  We’re hanging pictures now, or rather, walking around with
pictures and trying to decide where to put them.  We’re hoping one of
those Starving Artist sales happens soon, because we have some very
naked walls!

The spare bedrooms have some random stuff in them, like the 4 lamps we
brought from our apartment.  The apartment had a light in the kitchen,
hall & bathroom, but no where else.  So we stocked up on lamps from IKEA
& Target so we could see.  The house has ceiling fans with lights in all
the bedrooms, basement & living room, plus recessed lighting, so no need
for lamps!  We could use some decorative lamps, not the metal & plastic
junk we have now!

Oh, but where to put decorative lamps.  Why are end tables just as
expensive as coffee tables?  And I’m very confused by matching wood or
not matching wood.  Plus, this was way more difficult when I thought I
was getting a chocolate brown couch.  Espresso does not equal chocolate
brown.  It equals green that looks brown in some light.  Who knew?  I’ve
come to accept it for what it is (read: I’m too cheap to fork over
another $200 for them to take it away and deliver something new).  We
ate dinner at the coffee table last night, something we (I) said we
wouldn’t do.  J says its because we have no table yet (ordered, coming
hopefully soon), but its really because we don’t have a tv in the
kitchen (not gonna happen).

J gave the (already dead) lawn a crew cut the other day.  The lawnmower
blade won’t go up, so its stuck at really low (that’s a technical term).
The bright side is that we probably won’t have to mow the lawn again for
a while.  The downside is that J is attempting to “fix” the lawnmower
today, and I don’t think it will end well.

I think the weirdest thing is that we don’t have anyone living above us,
so all the weird noises belong to us.  I’ll hear a noise when I can’t
sleep, and instinctively think “Oh, its just the people upstairs.”  Then
I remember that the only thing upstairs is the attic that I’m afraid to
go into, and haven’t been into since we moved, so who knows?  There
might be somebody living in there.  The fact that we now have four doors
to check is not helping my OCD in the least bit either.  And, since
we’re on a private driveway, when a car is out front it should belong to
us.  Which is why, when the milkman showed up at 4:30 am as I was trying
to fall back asleep, I was convinced an axe murdered was pulling up to
kill me.  I’m a nervous person, what can I say?

So, home ownership is so far, so good.  I guess we’ll see what the
winter heating bill brings!

Some pictures of the big move:

The first night:

The dining room (it looks a little better now, but still empty):

Living Room (again, looks better now.  The sofa is a bed with a serious sloping problem):

The Man working for his food:


The Basement:



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