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Critters and Creepies and Fires…Oh My!!!

27 Sep

Oh, the joys of being a homeowner.  I’m not even in the woods, like my parents are.  I can see the highway from my front yard.  I just happen to have some woods in my side yard.  But I have critters and creepies like you would not believe.

I’m not an animal lover.  I think dogs are okay, as long as they don’t rule your life.  Don’t even get me started on people who bring their dogs everywhere.  I saw a woman on the train with a pug on her lap, explaining to some other woman that he smells really bad.  Thanks for bringing him on the train!  As a general rule, I feel like the only living things in or near my house should be me, J, and any other living creature we bring inside.  Nothing else. 

But the bugs come in every day.  Ants, moths, random crawly and flying things.  If that’s not bad enough, we have ginormous spiders buiding webs outside of out house.  I know there are much bigger spiders in this country, but this one seemed pretty big, and very gross, to me:

Bugs are bad enough, but at least they don’t have teeth and claws.  Like the giant raccoon who eats our trash.  He’s a big raccoon, and has no fear or shame.  He crawled into the trash, and J scared him off with  a mop stick, but he just runs to the yard and watches us until we go inside.  We put a metal trashcan (the one we bought for the keg) on top of our regular trash, went to bed and heard a crash.  Rocky had jumped off the deck into the metal can, and was eating the leftover pinata candy that we forgot was in there.  J finally moved the trash to the shed, but I keep the back door locked in fear that Rocky will come seek out his revenge on us in the middle of the night.  I told J he shouldn’t have sprayed the hose at him!  (And I can’t get “Rocky Raccoon” out of my head, even though I only remember two lines, despite the fact my dad played it every time he got the acoustic guitar out). 

And, if there’s anything I like less than critters and crawlies, its fire.  I like fire when its not at my house.  I’ve spent many hours at bonfires melting beer bottles.  But light a candle in the living room and I have to touch it 3 times before I go to bed.  So imagine my horror when I returned home from my aunt’s on Sunday night to find J in the yard, yelling for the hose, with the back yard on fire.  He’s a bit embarrassed by the whole situation, but lets just say we won’t be using the fire pit again very soon, we need a new gas can for the lawnmower, and the only casualty was a flip flop. 

Remind me why I left my apartment?

The Month in Review

24 Sep

Since I am, once again, a bad little blogger, I am going to write you the bestest post ever, filled with the wonderous things I’ve done while away from you all.  When J and I first started dating, we didn’t see each other much during the week, since we lived an hour apart from each other.  So, we would often spend the entire weekends together, and at the end of the day on Sunday, sad to be going back the daily grind, we’d have the “weekend in review” and go through the good things we did together.  It was a nice way to end the weekend, so, to end the time I’ve been away, here are the highlights:

I did the Race for the Cure on September 7th, reached my fund-raising goal (Thank You!) and didn’t pass out running the race like I thought I would.  The weather held up well, despite the mini hurricane that came through the night before.  The night before also contained way too much drinking at my college roommate’s bridal shower/bachelorette party, lots of Chinese food, and a lovely game of asshole.  Its actually a miracle that I made it though the race, judging by the way I felt in the morning.  Thank goodness for bagels!

The following weekend was my birthday party.  Once again, the weather held nicely.  The star of the party was the Dancing Barrack Obama I recieved from my BFF’s brother.   See how much J loves him?

Barrack was a fabulous beer pong referee, and I even let him share my birthday cigar!

Oh, the Aunt Jemima do?  That was the blindfold for my pinata.  What’s in a 30th birthday pinata, you ask?  Why, candy and condoms, of course!

A lovely time was had by all.  There was Rock Band at the end of the night, of course.  And I won $30 at CLR.  Granted, they were wet dollars, because somebody (coughmecough) spilled her full beer on the table, but whatever!  Here I am with my twothree BFFs, who, along with J, did a fantastic time putting the shin-dig together.


Last weekend was my actual birthday.  I did a lot of eating, and some being cranky.  I wasn’t happy with turning thirty.  I’m still not.  But J kept me occupied with my favorite things for the day (beer, Mexican, 90210), so I was happy.

Let’s see, what else?  Work sucks.  You know Lehman Brothers?  Yeah, I hate them.  I also hate eating Cosi sandwiches on the train at 8pm.  I strongly dislike the new area we just moved to, as there is nothing around.  On the plus side, I may not be as tempted to eat out or shop like I used to.

So, there you have it:  the (almost) month in review.  I’m planning on being a better blogger, really.  I have lots of fun critter/house/fire stories to share with you.  Betcha can’t wait!

I know I suck

4 Sep

I’m a bad blogger.  Its hard to find the time, and things to write about that don’t sound whiny.  Here’s a snapshot of the last few weeks:

  • The commuter rail line I’m on now is completely different from the Snobville line I used to ride.  The people are cliquey & pushy, and the train is jam packed.   I had to sit next to a barefoot hippie chick who munched (loudly) on Fritos the entire ride home a few weeks ago.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love eating noises and feet, so it was a great combo.
  • 90210 is back!  I think I like it.  I only watched a few minutes the other night, but its on again and I’m getting into it.  Because I need more TV in my life.  And Nat is still running the Peach Pit.
  • The house is good.  We just had to get the driveway sealed, and I had to walk to my car in the wet grass in flip flops, starting my day off lovely.
  • If you’re cool & local, you know we’re having a party on the 13th.  Some old broad is turning 30.  If you want to come and I know you, e-mail me and I’ll send you the details.  There will be beer pong!
  • My parents’ ten pound hyperactive nutcase of a puggle, Chloe, maimed J at a cookout by wrapping her leash around his ankle and running.  She almost maimed my brother by wrapping her leash around his chair and running.  She’s not a good dog.
  • The Race for the Cure is this weekend.  Thanks to some really generous friends and family members, I reached my goal of $1000, and Team GDT surpassed our goal of $50,000.  I’m staying at the hotel this year, so I’m sure I’ll have loads of good stories to share next week.
  • Work is uber stressful, especially with the addition of the commute.  I spend about three hours of my day walking or train riding, and it totally wipes me out.  I hope BAC gives me a laptop soon so I can stay home and work once in a while. 
  • J & I went to a PawSox playoff game last night.  $10 got us seats three rows from the field on the third base line.  But they were out of the souvenier 33 inning game cups, so I was totally bummed.  I think we have to go back.

That’s all for now.  I promise to be more witty next week.