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What’s Going On?

16 Nov

Again, its been awhile since I’ve blogged, so here’s a brief recap of my world:

  • I voted for the first time ever.  Yes, I know that’s bad, but at least I did it.  Three guesses who I voted for?  Who else but the best dancing beer pong judge there is?


  • I have a new love in my life: the iPod Touch.  I got an award at BAC, and spent my winnings on iPod #4, hoping it will keep me occupied on the train.  I think its tres cool, but not happy with the way the wifi works…or doesn’t.  I’m writing to Steve Jobs right after I post this, and I’m sure he’ll fix it for me.  He’s a good egg.
  • Things aren’t really very good at BAC, but I still have a job, and that’s all that really matters.  I’m planning my next career move.  Currently, I’m waffling between waitress and professional bodybuilder, with selling Rosetta Stone at the mall kiosk as a back up.  All suggestions are appreciated. 
  • Oh, I have another love in my life: Chris Martin.  I went to see Coldplay a few weeks ago, and fell in love.  I think I could get him to leave his wife and kids for me. 
  • Our TV is slightly possessed.  It has Spanish subtitles.  I watched “SuperManny” on Friday night with the subtitles.  Me encanta superninero.  After SuperManny, I watched Barbara Wawa interview the pregnant man.  I don’t think she or J will ever be the same again.
  • In case you live under a rock, here are the cutest puppies ever.  Why my “sister” Chloe, who we’re dog-sitting for, doesn’t act that calm and cute, I have no idea.
  • I played Free Bird on Guitar Hero last night.  I’m still exhausted by it.


2 Nov

I don’t like Halloween. Its my least favorite holiday, despite all the candy.  I used to like it as a kid.  I remember being a clown (before I was afraid of them), and I had the best ALF costume one year.  I think middle school was when the Halloween hating began, and I have good reasons.

One year, my three BFF’s & I decided to make a Chinese dragon costume.  We worked on it for weeks.  We dyed a sheet green, made a giant head and tail, and assigned placements inside the dragon (guess who was the butt?)  The day of the big Halloween dance in the cafetorium, we were ready to go and win the best costume prize.  Until the BFF who is now the ex BFF (because I’m toxic) declared she would not put on the costume because her boyfriend would think it was stupid.  We didn’t even get to wear it trick or treating, because it rained and we were afraid we’d be dyed green for a week. 

A few years later, I got egged.  Not my car, not my house, but myself.  We were technically too old to trick or treat, so we got some candy, then started to egg things we shouldn’t have been egging.  The boys we were with got bored and decided to throw the eggs up in the air and watch the girls scramble away.  This fat kid didn’t move fast enough, and ended up getting egg right in the middle of the top of my head.

Flash forward a few more years, to Sophomore year of college.  My boyfriend at the time & I were fighting after a party (a common occurrence), and I was sitting on the statue of St. Benedict right outside the convent.  A car dove by and threw an egg out the window, hitting me right in the side of the face. 

I can proudly say that ite been at least ten years since I got hit by an egg, and I’ve had some good Halloweens.  J & I spent a few years trick-or-treating with his little cousins, drinking beers and stealing the good candy when they were finished.  I gave up on the quest to find the perfect costume and a fun party, and settled into being boring, happy and egg-free. 

This year is the first Halloween in our new house.  We were never home for apartment trick-or-treater, and its just not the same in an apartment.  I bought three bags of candy (and put it out too early, so who knows how much J ate last week), thinking that would be more than enough.  We live on a private drive in a small neighborhood, and I wasn’t sure how many kids there actually were, as well as if they’d come down the driveway or not. 

By 8pm, I had turned into the crazy woman searching my cabinets for candy and snacks,  I found some Starburst and mini Dove treasures, and started handing those out.  I was just debating between turning off the lights and giving out change, when I remembered that J keeps buying Frosty coupons at Wendys (he says the guy at the drive in says “Do you want to spend $1 on Frosty coupons, or do you want a little kid to die?” and he can’t have a kid dying because he won’t give a dollar).  I gave out the Frosty coupons to a group of high school girls who loved them, and they were my last group of kids.  Then I went out to see my friend Ant’s band (here’s a plug: with the girls, got a free shot from a random guy, and had a good time,  I think my Halloween luck has turned.