The Eleventh Day of Christmas: Jingle Bell Run

14 Dec

Today was my second annual Jingle Bell Run, part of the series of thee races in Sommerville that I schlep myself  to despite now living an hour away.  Thankfully, this one didn’t start until 11am, which gave me time to recover from the Ugly Sweater Party (more on that this week!)  The Jingle Bell Run has two distinguishing qualities that make the drive and the running in the cold well worth it: the costumes and the free beer. 

I didn’t dress up this year, although I did wear a red shirt and was quite disappointed that we didn’t get free jingle bells for our shoes like we did last year (did I ever mention how I used to wear bells on my shoes to school for weeks before Christmas?  And I wondered why I was unpopular). Next year, I’m definitely dressing up.  People went all out this year.  My top three favorites were:

  1. The Gingerbread Man.  He must have been 7 feet tall in the getup.  And, no, I did not catch him.  He passed me at mile 2.
  2. Elf.  There were plenty of elves, but this one looked just like Will Ferrel’s Elf.  The guy even looked like Will Ferrell.
  3. A guy dressed as Santa, with 9 women dressed as reindeer running, attached, in front of him.  Hilarious.

The race itself was uneventful, and thankfully only 3.1 miles, especially considering the fact I haven’t ran since Thanksgiving.  I finished about a minute slower than last year, so I’ll take it.

After the race, a bunch of bars who are sponsors give out free beer to runners.  A lot of people pack into the closest bar, but we escape to a bar that’s a 5 minute walk, as we’re sure to get a table and beer.  Harpoon sponsors the event, and while I wouldn’t buy a 6-pack of Harpoon at the store, if someone is going to hand me a free one, I’m all over it.  Even though I’ve branched out a bit from my Coors Light in a can drinking days, Harpoon is still a strong beer for me, especially on a stomach filled with only coffee and mini muffins, after a race.  We ordered food, which helped, but still, four may have been too many.  But, really, when else can you spend $10 and get buffalo fingers, onion rings, and four beers?  We’re in a recession, people!  This is called economizing (or something like that). 

Despite the nauseous stomach, the afternoon wasted drooling in a nap on the couch, and a less than nutritious dinner of mac-n-cheese and grilled cheese (I did have a carrot stick dipped in blue cheese, so I’m good on veggies), it was a fun day, and a new Christmas tradition.  What says Christmas better than sweat & beer?


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