The Tenth Day of Christmas: Ugly Sweater Parties

15 Dec

Last Saturday, my BFF’s brother and his three high school friends turned frat brotherish roommates threw an ugly sweater party.  Apparently, this is all the rage with the young-ins now a days.  I know this because, being the fashionista that I am, I don’t actually own an ugly Christmas sweater.  Shocking, I know.  So, I hightailed it to Kmart, and bought a hideous vest, with an equally hideous turtleneck  (and I swear I know someone who owns this outfit, but that’s another story).  I felt like I had to defend myself to the girl at the register, who told me they were getting a lot of people looking for ugly sweaters.  A friend was told by Goodwill that the sweaters are flying off the shelves.  At least we’re contributing to the economy here.  (By the way, Burlington Coat Factory is apparently a gold mine for ugly sweaters).

There were lots of great sweaters at the party, plus some fun accessories.  Did you know that a tree skirt makes a lovely, yet hideous, shawl?  Or that battery operated lights can be dangerous while wrestling late night after Jell-o shots?  The things you learn.


After we arrived at the party and laughed at each others sweaters, we settled down for some egg nog and good times.  If you don’t own LCR, I highly recommend you get a set.  Just make sure you have ones…or pasta.  Its very easy to play, although one party goer had a particularly had time with the concept.  She had a hard time with the ugly sweater concept too, so we won’t hold that against her.  After someone (pinky above) cleaned up and won $95, we retreated to the basement for flip cup, a game that should not be played with red wine.  Just a little tip for you.

Oh, and there were ugly sweater prizes, and first place was won by one of the hosts (I think it was rigged).  He made his own sweater, which was a popular option for those too cool to be seen in Kmart.  It was topped off by a lovely mock turtleneck, and a porn star-ish mustache, not specifically grown for the party.  His prize?  A fruitcake.  Second place was a chocolate orange.  Tacky sweaters deserve tacky food.


The star of the night, as always, was our dancing president elect.  I found him a great shirt at Old Navy, and a santa costume for a dog at Target.  The quote of the night was: “Hey, that Santa doll looks like Barrack Obama!” 


So, ugly sweater parties are my newest favorite thing about Christmas.  I’m thinking of breaking out the ugly vest for a Christmas in July party, or just a good old 80s throwback party.  Don’t worry, if you’re cool, you’ll be invited.  Don’t forget to tell Grandma you want a sweater this year!


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