The Sixth Day of Christmas: Snow!

19 Dec

Yes, I know snow is not just a Christmas event, but I like it.  I like it now, in December.  Its pretty and fluffy.  I don’t like it in March, when its grey and icy and gross.  So I guess you could say I am not an equal opportunity snow lover. 

I hate driving in the snow.  Hate. It.  My fear is compounded by my mother calling hours before it starts snowing to tell me I should leave work and go home before the roads get bad.  She totally stresses me out, and then I call J and stress him out.  He’s stubborn and won’t call in for anything, so I just sit and worry while he’s out driving.  When we lived at the apartment, we had to drive up a large hill, and every time it snowed I didn’t think I would make it.  I kept threatening to park at the end of the street and make J drive me up the hill, but he wouldn’t do it.

I don’t really mind shoveling.  Its good exercise, and lord knows I could use it right now.  It was hard at the apartment, because, even though we only had to shovel our cars out of their spots, there was no where to put the snow except in front of your car, which made for a lot of carrying around heavy snow.  And then you’d leave and someone would steal your spot.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Here at the homestead, we have to have the driveway plowed, because we share it, so I think we just have to shovel out our cars and the short walkway.  But we’ll see tomorrow, while J is at work and the shoveling interferes with Cookiepalooza Part 2 – the Solo Tour. 

Tonight I like the snow.  I made cookies, the fire is going strong (until we run out of propane, which could happen at any moment), J is safe at home and shoveled once, and its hot cocoa time!  Its a nice, cozy, Christmassy night, and I’m happy.  That is, until J leaves at buttcrack o dawn and the panic sets in.


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