The Third Day of Christmas: Festivus

22 Dec

Today is Festivus, and, since I’ve been so bright & cheery the last few days, I thought I’d take part in the Airing of Grievances (inspired by this article):

People who take up more of their allocated space on the train:

I know I’m little, but that doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to my space.  I don’t want you sitting on my lap.  I certainly don’t want your elbow in my side as you dig out your wallet for your train pass.  I want to sit in peace and quiet with my headphones and a book.  And your kid, with the spinning quarter, and the banging, does not make the ride more enjoyable.

People who don’t think the rules of the road apply in parking lots:

You can’t just drive all willy-nilly through the spots, people.  The lines are there for a reason.  And you have to stay on your side of the road, that’s just the way it goes.  Oh, and your wife can walk the ten feet into the store (unless its thundering or she’s 9 mos. pregnant).  There’s no need to drop her off in front and then wait directly in front of the doors while she shops.


We’re on the Do Not Call list, yet still get a random telemarketer here and there.  I try to be polite to them, even though J says I should just hang up on them.  But they’re people too, so I politely tell them we’re not interested.  Then they hang up on me.  I can’t believe I try to be polite, and they hang up on me.  Serves me right for being nice once in
a while.

People who run for the train the minute its called, then push their way along the swarm of people:

Look, buddy, we all want to get on this train, and if we do so orderly, we’ll all get on.  No need to run, push, and generally crawl up my butt while I’m walking.  And you don’t need to run me over with your rolly either.  I’m moving as fast as I can without jumping in the guy in front of me’s coat.

Well, that felt good to get off my chest. Maybe we should all do this at Christmas dinner this year.  I’m sure that will go over well 🙂   Tomorrow I plan on kicking J’s butt at the feats of strength 🙂


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