The Second Day of Christmas: Christmas Morning

23 Dec

Christmas morning is the single best morning of a kid’s life, by far.  My dad insisted on taping us opening gifts, so we had to wait until got coffee and set up the ginormous camcorder.  Then we could run into the living room and start destroying my parent’s hard work of wrapping after a few Christmas cocktails.  At the end, we were supposed to say “Thank you Santa Claus” to the camera, but we usually refused until threatened with removal of toys. 

Even when I was older and all of my gifts had been under the tree for weeks, and I had been shaking and unwrapping as I deemed appropriate, I still felt a little excited upon entering the living room for the first time to see what was waiting for me.  I was horrified when my brother suggested we open gifts on Christmas Eve so we could sleep late.  Who does that?  What if more gifts magically appear after you go to bed and you miss out on them?  I quickly vetoed that idea by stomping my feet and heading to bed like the mature adult I was.

In the 5 years that J & I have been living together, we’ve started our own Christmas morning traditions.  Each year, we get up, put on A Christmas Story, and pour coffee or hot chocolate with Bailey’s.  Then we eat homemade banana bread with cream cheese while we open our gifts.  We each open one, and alternate (sometimes one of us have to open more than one to keep up with the other), finishing with our stockings.  Then we just chill for approximately 3 minutes before we have to get up and drive to my parent’s for the craziness of Christmas dinner.

One day (not for a while!), we’ll have our own kids who will make their own traditions, and things will change for us, just like they have already.  I don’t think we’ll ever lose the Bailey’s tradition though — that’s one to keep for a while!


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