25 Things You Probably Don’t Care to Know

9 Jan

(Yes, I stole this from Facebook.  Just be happy I didn’t tag you to do it too.)

  1. Some days (a lot of days), I hate running.  But I like how it makes me feel, so I do it.
  2. I can fit my fist in my mouth.
  3. I’m afraid of fire, yet fascinated by it.
  4. I know my parents spoil me, but I convince myself it makes them happy.
  5. J is still cute when he snores.
  6. I wish I could have a wedding every year.
  7. I type with three fingers.
  8. If I didn’t have my iPod on the train and at work, I might go insane.  Literally.
  9. I read too fast and miss things, but get too excited about the book to slow down.
  10. I miss college, but not high school.
  11. I keep having dreams about vampires since I’ve been reading Twilight.
  12. I set 5 alarms in the morning.
  13. Sometimes I want to just up and move across the country with J, to escape the cold and crazy NE drivers, but I can’t imagine being more than two hours away from my family & friends.
  14. I am completely anal about photos.  They all have to be in books in chronological order.  I make reprints for framing.
  15. I wish I could see my friends every day.  Like on Friends.
  16. I’m lazy by nature, but can’t sit still.  Its a hard balance.
  17. I wish I knew my grandparents better.
  18. I hate change.  I hate that my group of college friends haven’t been all together in a long time.  I hate that my cousins are grown up.
  19. I love Jon & Kate Plus 8, and I don’t think Kate is that bad.
  20. I wonder how I got so lucky to find someone like J who not only puts up with me on a daily basis, but loves me too.
  21. As I get older, I realize how crazy my family really is, but more importantly, how lucky I am to have them. 
  22. My house will never be clean enough.
  23. I think pregnant woman in belly shirts are creepy. 
  24. I eat organic or Greek yogurt because its healthier, but I really miss Yoplait Light. 
  25. Taco Bell is one of my favorite restaurants, and not just after midnight.

2 Responses to “25 Things You Probably Don’t Care to Know”

  1. Mare January 11, 2009 at 2:01 pm #

    I found this to be a fun list. Thank you for putting your quirks out there for us.

  2. Melanie January 11, 2009 at 10:58 pm #

    This was great, Julie, thanks for sharing it! (You know I might steal it) And I love Taco Bell, too. Any day, any time.

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