The End of an Era

17 Jan

No, I’m not talking about that bumbling fool, George Bush. I’m talking about something way more important: my iPod Nano.

I bought NanoNano in 2006, as I considered it a necessary tool to get me through Boston Marathon training that was done 90% alone, in the cold. I got the Red one, and felt good about somehow helping a cause The Gap supports so strongly. Plus, it was pretty. I also bought the Nike+ kit, and loved when Lance Armstrong congratulated me on a great run. I also enjoyed the mileage countdown. There’s no better feeling than being lost on a cold February morning, and hearing “You have ten miles to go.” That’s motivation.

NanoNano not only got me through my runs, but he got me through my commute. With him, I didn’t have to listen to my fellow MBCR riders comment about the weather, the late trains, or hack up a lung. I could sleep in bliss to Billy Joel instead.

A few months ago, I won an award at BAC for being great, and I bought an iPod Touch to commute with, because I can play games on the train, and surf the sites BAC restricts while I’m at work. But I still took NanoNano out for runs, and he sat in my speakers on the kitchen counter for Sunday morning Jack Johnson and party music. He was still loyal.

A few weeks ago, I was half asleep and making coffee, when I missed the coffee maker and poured water on to NanoNano. He was fine at first, but then he sputtered and died. Later, I got him to turn on, and he had Xs for eyes and a sad face. I did not take that as a good sign. Even though I have the touch, I need him, especially because I am running a 10K alone in a few weeks.

So, I brought him to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store tonight. I told the Genius that ” I might have gotten it a little wet” and he confirmed my worst fears: dead as a doornail. I could replace him for $129, or turn him in for 10% off a new one (which will still cost me $129). I didn’t do either, as I can’t really afford it, but I miss my Nano! I know I don’t really need two iPods, but I feel empty without NanoNano.

So, I’m stuck with a big decision: Buy a new Nano, or get an armband for the Touch, and risk dropping it on a run? I think I’ll end up with Option#1. I wonder if J would like a Nano for his birthday? That might be a bit selfish, but I’d let him use it too…


2 Responses to “The End of an Era”

  1. Becca January 20, 2009 at 1:49 am #

    I feel your pain, as you well know. They do have refurbished Nanos for $79, so that’s a thought. Deals in the refurb store change every day if you don’t like what they have right now.

    I don’t think I can run with an armband so although I have this awesome new Touch that has Nike+ built in, I’m going running with my old Nano, which I still have. It has a case which clips on and even though I recently came across a clippable Touch case, I’m too afraid of dropping it, what with it being heavier and more expensive.

    Oh, and my Touch is called “I Have the Touch.” I do love Peter Gabriel.

    • Julie January 20, 2009 at 3:49 pm #

      That’s a much better name than my “Julie P’s iPod!”

      My Apple store doesn’t even carry refurbished anything, and all they have online are the square ones. I’ve been running on the treadmill with my touch, but I don’t trust myself outside with it. I don’t mind armbands, but I don’t see how you would control a touch with one. I’d hurt myself somehow.

      And your story inspired this post. See, some good came of it! (this was typed on my touch!)

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