Hunting and Fishing and Boating, Oh My!

23 Feb

Yesterday, J & I set out to find a new tv with our cash from Uncle Sam and the good people (aka my mom) at H&R Block.  Well, the tv was one goal, the second was a cheeseburger from Five Guys Burgers (Four Guys?  Five Brothers?  Either way, some men and their meat).  So, we headed for Patriot Place, the new shopping plaza at Gillette Stadium.  I snuck in a trip to Christmas Tree Shoppes amidst the sports stores and burger eating.  Sneaky, huh?

Anyway, Five Guys was too crowded, so we went to Red Robin, which ultimately was not good and in retrospect, we should have waited at Five Guys.  But, Red Robin had beer, so we had two.  Then we headed over to the Bass Pro Shop.

The Bass Pro Shop sells absolutely nothing I am interested in.  Its all very outdoorsy.  I do enjoy the outdoors, but only when running, sunbathing, or drinking. I’ve been camping once, and that was during the infamous rafting excursion, so I’m a bit weary to go camping again.  Besides, I really don’t like peeing in the woods.  What the Bass Pro Shop does have is a bar, so we started there.

Then we shot things.  Not really, but if you pay fifty cents you can shoot targets with a faux rifle.  It was fun, but really hard after three beers.  The four year old girl bonding with Daddy over a rifle was doing better than I did.  Did you know they sell pink bee-bee guns?  Fun for the whole family.

Next we wandered around for a good hour, looking at the things we would most likely never would buy.  Amongst our personal favorites were:

  • Salt licks for our “friends” the deer who roam our yard and eat our bushes.
  • A $38,000 pontoon boat (on sale!  $2,000 off)
  • Circus Peanuts & Corn Nuts (my personal favorites)
  • A fly swatter “gun” that J wouldn’t let me get even though it was only $5
  • A camouflage hat with a mask, and one covered with “life-like” leaves
  • Dehydrated gourmet meals for camping

Eventually we left with only a box of Peanut Butter Patties sold by some Girl Scouts (who were so happy that I gave them an extra dollar.  It was J’s dollar, so I was more than happy to give it to them).  Then I passed out on the couch, exhausted from all the bear shooting and beer drinking.  Like I said, nothing like good, old fashioned family fun to pass a cold Saturday in New England!

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