Hello? Is This Thing On?

15 May

I know, I know.  I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for awhile.  I wish I had some fabulous reason for you, but I don’t.  Its because I’m too lazy to think of things to write about.  Its a struggle when you lead a life as boring as mine.  But, I’ve had two people wonder where I’ve been, and that’s enough of a self esteem boost for me to come back!  I even have some ideas stacked up for you, and I’m going to write them down before I forget.  

By way of a quick recap of my fascinating life, and promises of witty posts to come, I give you my favorite lazy-girl blogpost: A list!  With bullets!

  • My tulips came up.  Yay!  They looked great for a few days, and I swore I’d take pictures of them.  Then they died. 
  • I discovered there is nothing better than working from home in my PJ’s with a pot of coffee by my side.
  • I still hate people on the train.
  • J & I Went to Jamaica and had a fantastic, relaxing time. 
  • Lost is fantastic and makes my head hurt.
  • I think the best part of summer is summer beers.  Preferably imbibed outside, in plastic cups.
  • Really, Facebook is not the place to discuss your dog’s bodily functions.  Still.
  • I don’t think I have grass.  I think I just have weeds.  But they’re green, so I’m happy.
  • My car…well, that’s a long story, with a sad ending in her near future.  Lets just say she can make it to the train and back, and that’s all I can ask  of her. 
  • Speaking of sad endings, the poor Bruins.  <sniffle>

Well, I think that’s enough fascinating material to keep you entertained for another two months!  Seriously, as soon as I post this I am downloading an app for my Touch to be able to e-mail/cut & paste the text I put on it when I’m not online.  There must be an app for that.


One Response to “Hello? Is This Thing On?”

  1. Mare May 16, 2009 at 2:21 pm #

    I just figured you knew that this variable ration schedule of blog reinforcement meant that we would never quit you………

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