All I Want is One Stinking Tomato

18 Jun

My goal this summer was to grow a garden.  I had visions of beautiful tomatoes, lots of herbs, and cucumbers the size of my head.  I read web pages on gardening, and spent hours at Home Depot.  I planted a bazillion leetle seeds in a seed starter, and watered them religiously.  I did six plants of 6 different veggies: tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and snow peas.  I planted a few different kinds of herbs in pots as well.  Any they grew!

I supervised as J dug a square in the corner of our yard for my garden.  I spent hours digging rocks and weeds out of  the dirt.  I tilled,  added fertilizer and topsoil, and tilled some more.  J mentioned (two weeks after he dug the garden) that there wasn’t enough sun in the spot we (yes, we) picked.  Which is dandy, but what else was I supposed to do with a big dirt hole full of good soil, and forty something plants?  So I planted all my little seedlings in neat rows, along with a couple of token plants I bought at Home Depot.  Oh, and threw in some seeds for good measure.

And everything died.

Yes, I watered it.  I would have weeded it, but weeds don’t even seem to grow there.  Now, all that seems to remain are my token store bought plants.  They seem to be doing okay.  Sadness Garden.


I still water my tomato plant and the pepper plant next to me.  I think the neighbors laugh at me when I whip out the Miracle Gro.  But I will get a tomato, and I know it will taste fabulous.  Next year I’ll do better…or buy a Topsy Turvy.


One Response to “All I Want is One Stinking Tomato”

  1. Mare June 20, 2009 at 6:28 am #

    Oh no! This is my fear now that we have a usable lawn space.

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