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Three Things Thursday #6

31 Jul

(I have no good excuse for this being late, since I wrote it Wednesday night)

1 – The sound of rain on the roof when you’re snuggled up in bed with no where to go and nothing to do.

2 – Making the early train on a nice, summer night.

3 – Finding blooming flowers you didn’t even remember planting.

Home Sweet Home

29 Jul

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the day we closed on our house.  As I’m sure you’ll recall, the house hunting process was painful at times.  J & I looked for condos and houses in two different states for six months.  And when I say looked, I mean almost every weekend, some weeknights, and Internet searches every day.  Six months, two Realtors, two offers, and one painful closing process later, we were in our first home.

I love it.  I loved it the minute I walked in, and I still love it.  Sure, it has things I don’t like about it, but almost every day I walk in the door and think “This is mine.  I own it and I love it.”  And that’s a really good feeling.

We bought a house that needed no work.  We closed at Monday at 7pm, and moved in the next day at noon.  By the end of the week, we were all unpacked.  The walls were the perfect colors, the floors were in good shape, and the appliances worked.  What more did we need?

Of course, there are things we’d like to change.  They range from smaller projects (make the shelves in the cabinets stop sagging, paint the laundry room floor that peels on my bare feet when I iron) to larger ones (get hardwood on the stairs, a new vanity for the upstairs bathroom, put in my dream kitchen), yet we’ve done nothing.  Its an effort in itself to keep 2,200 square feet clean.  And the toilet paper holder hasn’t fallen off yet, so no need to replace it, right?

The yard is a whole other ballgame.  We have just over ¾ acre, and it’s a lot (not that I mow it, but I see how sweaty J gets when he does).  I swear I could spend days (and thousands of dollars) at the Garden Shop at Home Depot and it wouldn’t look any different.  And the weeds – they keep coming back!  I’m sure our grass is all weeds, but it looks decent, so it will stay.  Did I mention the dead cat skeleton?  Yeah, we’ll skip that story for now.

We’ve had some great times in that house this past year.  We slept on the floor that first night, celebrated both J & I’s thirtieth birthdays, hosted various Christmas parties and some dinner parties, spent countless nights chilling on the deck, and many more cozied up next to the fire.  And I know there will be many more memories to come – babies to bring home from the hospital (one day, not now!), kiddie parties, various celebrations of happy things and countless Christmas mornings with Baileys, coffee, and banana bread.

The bottom line is, no matter what we have to do, and how overwhelming owning a house (and its accompanying bills and issues) can seem sometimes, I’m in love.  This was a bigger decision than marrying J, and I’m happy that both seem to be working out just fine.

To celebrate, J & I toasted with the champagne in this picture.  It was a gift from one of his customers that we never drank last year, since we had no fridge to chill it in during the hottest part of the summer.  J’s toast – “One down, twenty nine to go.”  I hope the next twenty nine are just as good as number one.

Three Things Thursday #5

23 Jul

1 – Working from home in my PJs.

2 – The smell of fresh cut grass

3 – Getting something nice (not a bill) in the mail.

Happy Blog-Aversary to Me!

22 Jul

Like everything lately, I’m a little late with this.  I was thinking about what I could write that was fascinating and exciting, and decided to look through some old posts for inspiration.  That’s when I realized I had started blogging two years ago this month (July 15, to be precise).  Here’s what I had to say in July 2007.

Its hard to believe I’ve been doing this for two years.  Its been a lot of fun writing again, and sharing my life.  You’ve been with me through a big job change, and a big move, along with many little events like vacations and my first tomatoes.  I’ve always tried to blog about things that I think are interesting and/or funny, and not just about my day or bitching about my commute (which I do too often).  Its hard to come up with ideas, and even harder to remember them and actually write about them.  I know I haven’t always been the best blogger, but I appreciate my faithful readers.  I want to start to dedicate more time to the blog , and, in my new effort to be less lazy in general, I hope that works out.

Because stats are cool, I’ll just take a minute to tell you, I’ve had:

Posts: 148

Comments: 337

Categories: 25

Tags: 23

My busiest day was March 19, 2008, which was one of my last days at TAC, so I’m guessing people were reading this post about my pals there.  Also, people (516 of them!) still read my San Diego post.  Must be the cute animals.

Here’s to two more good years!!!!

Three Things Thursday #4

19 Jul

(Sorry, really late!)

1 — Sunday morning coffee and Coldplay.

2 — Sleeping with the Air Conditioning on.

3 — Knowing all the words to all the songs at a concert (and making up the ones you don’t!)

Garden Update!

12 Jul

Look!  I have plants!  I guess all this rain is good for something.  And Miracle Gro Rocks!


(I know, I really need to get a tomato cage or something to make the tomato plants stand up straight).

Even better — I have tomatoes!


Please don’t die, please don’t die.

Enter on an Empty Stomach

10 Jul

This is why you’re fat. No, not you specifically.  The corporate you.  Some of these things are genius.  The McSliders?  Beautiful.  The Quadruple Cheese Pie?  Like a dream come true.  Deep Fried Cheeseburger on a Stick?  Why not?!?  This site puts Bacon Explosion to shame.

Three Things Thursday #3

9 Jul

(I meant for this feature to be in addition to my normal blog posts, not my only blog post each week.  I’ll get better).

Anyway, these are the three things making me happy right now:

1 — Tall Ships outside my window at work (well, not my window, since I don’t have one, but the window closest to me)

2 — My new phone (the enV3) with its full keypad.  No more chicken pecking texting!

3 — Summer beers — Sam Summer is #1, with Wachusett Summer a close second

Three Things Thursday #2 (A little Early)

1 Jul

(I actually have plans tomorrow through Saturday, involving hemorrhaging more money than I thought possible, so here you go):

1 – Sitting on the beach with a beer and my BFF

2- Chilled wine from a local winery after a long day

3 – Four day workweeks

Happy Birthday America!!!  Have a great, safe fourth!