Happy Blog-Aversary to Me!

22 Jul

Like everything lately, I’m a little late with this.  I was thinking about what I could write that was fascinating and exciting, and decided to look through some old posts for inspiration.  That’s when I realized I had started blogging two years ago this month (July 15, to be precise).  Here’s what I had to say in July 2007.

Its hard to believe I’ve been doing this for two years.  Its been a lot of fun writing again, and sharing my life.  You’ve been with me through a big job change, and a big move, along with many little events like vacations and my first tomatoes.  I’ve always tried to blog about things that I think are interesting and/or funny, and not just about my day or bitching about my commute (which I do too often).  Its hard to come up with ideas, and even harder to remember them and actually write about them.  I know I haven’t always been the best blogger, but I appreciate my faithful readers.  I want to start to dedicate more time to the blog , and, in my new effort to be less lazy in general, I hope that works out.

Because stats are cool, I’ll just take a minute to tell you, I’ve had:

Posts: 148

Comments: 337

Categories: 25

Tags: 23

My busiest day was March 19, 2008, which was one of my last days at TAC, so I’m guessing people were reading this post about my pals there.  Also, people (516 of them!) still read my San Diego post.  Must be the cute animals.

Here’s to two more good years!!!!


One Response to “Happy Blog-Aversary to Me!”

  1. Becca July 29, 2009 at 9:02 pm #

    Happy blogaversary! Like you, I’m late.

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