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Three Things Thursday #17

22 Oct

1 – Carving Pumpkins.

2 – Cool house parties.

3 – Fat Bastards (gummy bears soaked in vodka – you’re welcome)

Three Things Thursday #16

16 Oct

1 – Red wine and pizza

2 – Pumpkin beer

3 – Being able to breathe out of my nose (kind of)

Three Things Thursday #15

8 Oct

1 – Homemade chicken soup with saltines.

2 – Candy corn.

3 – Nice people.  There was a guy in South Station with a sign that said “Traveling & Broke” and some guy gave him a slice of pizza.  It made me happy.

Do You Remember…

6 Oct

the 21st night of September?

September is my favorite month of the year. You can go to the beach at the beginning of the month, and apple picking at the end. The weather is usually perfect, and this year was no exception. There’s a long weekend, and the most important holiday of all – my birthday.
So, here’s my recap of the best month of the year:
  • We were supposed to see one of my favorite bands play at the beach, but they cancelled at the last minute. The other band was just okay, but the drinks were good, do there you go. J lost his wallet but got it back, minus the cash.
  • My dad’s band celebrated their fifteenth anniversary, and my parents threw a large party in the backyard, complete with live music and dancing. My cousin Robbie was coerced into playing the piano by his mom and my Nana, and my brother’s girlfriend and I were coerced into singing along to Tiny Dancer by alcohol. Things were fried, including Snickers bars that became completely lost in the oil (it was dark) and potato chips thrown in by my singing buddy. J hid the Snickers in fear of getting splattered with hot oil, as he was acting as the Designated Fryer.
  • J & I had a cookout in the rain. We had a small group of some of our favorite people, and J was the big winner at LCR. We had S’mores and other lovely treats. Thankfully, no one needed me to perform my lifeguarding duties. Long story.
  • We celebrated my birthday over four nights, the way it should be celebrated. We had diner with J’s fam for his little sister’s birthday that included way too much cake. The next night was a work birthday celebration with not enough nachos. Saturday night we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and ate massive amounts of cheese and drank way too many margaritas. And Sunday we had Chinese with my parents and the Nana (who turned 80!) in my PJs.
  • I ran two races. The first was the morning after the margaritas. It wasn’t pretty. I think I ran a fourteen minute final mile. I thought I was going to throw up on the spectators. I redeemed myself the following weekend at Komen, shaving 1.5 minutes off my time. Thank goodness.
  • I (finally) got a new car! His name is Mitch and he’s a Mitsubishi. He has a radio, air conditioning and a valid inspection sticker, which were really my only requirements. I had to spend a vacation day driving across the state to get him registered and insured, but he’s well worth it.

See how fun September is? I’m hoping for a good October, but it’s never been my favorite, so we’ll see!

Three Things Thursday #14 (on Monday)

5 Oct

1 – Football players wearing pink cleats.

2 – New babies.

3 – Making gravy on a rainy day.