Happy President’s Day 2010!

15 Feb

Last year, I wrote this post about my President’s Day, so I thought I’d do the same for you this year.  Aren’t you lucky?

3:25 am – Say goodbye to J, who has to work.  Chug a gallon of water and curse the bottle of wine I drank last night.  Have trouble falling back to sleep and contemplate watching the Olympics or eating some candy.  Eventually fall back to sleep.

8:30 am – house phone rings amidst my cell phone alarm going off.  Get up to answer it but miss, see it was someone asking for money, so I don’t feel badly.

9:00 am – run 3 miles in my new Vibrams.  Its colder than I thought, and quite icy in spots.  There’s no traction on the Vibrams, so I tiptoed over the spots.

9:30 am – grind and make coffee (I hate my coffee grinder), pretend to do work, eat breakfast.

10:45 am – get out of the shower ready to rush around to leave by 11ish to babysit for a friend who’s in a bind.  Check my phone to see a message from her that they had an emergency and she doesn’t need me.  Kind of bummed I can’t see her and her girls, but happy to have my afternoon.  Bummed again to realize I now have no excuse for not catching up on work.

11:30 am- drag myself away from 16 and Pregnant (I’ve seen every episode more than once) to catch up on work while watching the Kite Runner.  Really hard given all the subtitles, but I read the book, so I get the gist (the book was better, as usual).  I took advantage of the holiday by getting a Flip video camera for 1/2 off through our corporate perks program.  Take that Overwhelming Offer!

1:30 pm – fix garbage disposal all.by.myself.  Who needs a man around?  Well, technically, my dad told me how to do it, but I don’t think that counts.  I turned the allen wrench myself.  Take that garbage disposal.

2 pm – finish patting myself on the back, and do the dishes that were soaking from last night’s fabulous Valentine’s Day dinner (shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, grilled Porterhouse steaks with blue cheese that set off the smoke alarm for 15 minutes, broiled asparagus with Dijon lemon sauce, and wild mushroom risotto).  J did most of them last night, but the dish strainer is only so big.  I also ate some cold risotto and made arancini sans cheese out of some of the leftovers.  Who’s wife of the year?

That brings us to now.  J is on his way home, I’m about to have some popcorn and a V8, then we’ll watch Oprah and maybe go to a movie.  Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents!

By the way, in reading last years post I realize I never did find a plumber and I never did move my stuff out of the downstairs bathroom.  Maybe next year!


One Response to “Happy President’s Day 2010!”

  1. Mare February 15, 2010 at 5:33 pm #

    I’d say this year is a winner!

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