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Running on Empty

21 Mar

I think I mentioned a while ago that J & I, along with four friends, are going to Vegas in April, and four of us are running a half marathon about 30 minutes outside of the city, in Lovell Canyon.  I’ve been kind of following a 10 week training program to prepare.  By “kind of,” I mean I run a few times during the week, and then do a long run on the weekends.  Not the best way to prepare, but it seems to be the most I can handle, since I have to get up early to run, and homey don’t play that.

This weekend I was scheduled to do 10 miles, but since my long run last weekend was a bit of a wash out (did 7 instead of 9, two in the nasty, cold, rain), I decided to aim for 12.  And since I wore my Vibram Five Fingers for the 7 miler with no issues, I set out in them for the 12 miler as well.  And, I took a day off to do it – the best day of the week so far this year, weather wise.  RI has a 14 mile long bike path, and I met my BFF there for the run.  She was suffering from a nasty chest cold, so she did the first 5 with me, then I did the last 7 solo.

At mile 7, I realized the oatmeal with peanut butter & banana I had eaten at two hours before was long gone, and the peanut butter sandwich in my car was 3 miles away.  I actually thought to myself “I could go for a GU right now.”  If you’ve ever had a GU, you’ll recognize that they’re not something you crave.  A GU is basically an energy gel to get you through long runs.  They have 100 calories or so, and basically taste and feel like fruit flavored Vaseline.  Nasty, but they get the job done.

I struggled through the end of the run, and went to Rhode Runner to grab some GU for next week’s run and the race itself.  While I was there, the sales guy asked how the Vibrams were working out.   I told him they were good and that I just did 12 miles.  He said that 12 miles was too far to run in them for only having them for two months.  Which is great advice, just a little too late.  I couldn’t take back those 12 miles, right?  He kind of stressed me out.

So, because I’m a stubborn semi-Italian, I wore the Vibrams for a 5K on Saturday.  My calves were quite tight, and I was a little sore, but the race went fine.  After, though, I could feel the heel pain set in almost immediately.  And then, in an effort to make not a single good decision this weekend, I wore flat, unsupportive flip flops to walk and dance in.  I could barely walk to the bathroom this morning.

So.  Here I am, less than 3 weeks to the race, with what I have diagnosed as a case of plantar fasciitis, icing my heel and praying it gets better.  I’m going to be totally pissed off if I can’t run the race.  As it is, it looks like my Vibrams and I aren’t ready for 13.1, so the old sneakers will be making the trip West.  Not a happy camper at the moment, especially since I know I pushed it and have no one to blame but myself.  I can’t be limping around Vegas, now can I?

Three Things Thursday

18 Mar

1 – SPRING! Finally!

2 – The Marriage Ref. The host is annoying, but it’s really funny. Ricky Gervais almost made me pee my pants last week.

3 – Dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives.

Three Things Thur…Er, Saturday

13 Mar

1 – Working from home

2 – Mac & Cheese on a cold day

3 – Weeds.  We just started it on Netflix, and its awesome.