Is this thing on?

17 Apr

I know, I write this same type of post often enough.  I get lazy, and blogging is the first thing to go.  What can I say?  After weeks of not blogging, I’m watching Julie & Julia and feel the need to blog.  I suddenly have so much to say!  Where to begin?

I just got home from a fabulous trip to Vegas.  I hope to give you a lovely blog with photos on it this week.  Someone remind me to do that.  The highlights included: running a half marathon in a canyon (which was actually more like a mountain), losing some money, drinking too much, sleeping not enough, and learning the dangers of Carnival Court first hand.

Speaking of running, I did not wear my Vibrams for the half marathon, and had to wear my old, holy sneakers that gave me a giant blister.  I wore sexy band aids with my flip flops in Vegas.  But today, I ran outside in the VFFs and was happy again.  I’m thinking about doing another half soon, to make up for my miserable time in Vegas.

I read Food Rules by Michael Pollan.  It was awesome.  Read it.  Do better at following it than I do.

I’m trying to eat more organic, locally grown items.  I close my eyes when I look at the price tags.  I even went to the farm stand today.  They had no veggies, so I had to go to Stop & Shop, where I wanted to cry because the tomatoes I needed for my bruschetta looked so sad.  We joined a farm share that starts in June, so I’m hoping that will re-inspire my faith in veggies.

Spring is here!  I think.  I have tulips, but its going to snow tonight.  I am only dealing with the rain because I have shiny new rain boots.  They smell like plastic and the fumes may kill me in my sleep, but they’re pink!  And, I don’t care what temperature it is in the house, I am not turning on the heat in April.

I spent Good Friday making egg biscuits, ricotta and rice pies with my BFF and her family.  50 eggs were massacred in this process, along with multiple bottles of wine.  That’s how baby Jesus would have spent his Good Friday, if he wasn’t otherwise occupied.

I’ll end here, with the promise that I’ll be back.  No, really, I will be.


One Response to “Is this thing on?”

  1. LP April 17, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    So far, we have had luck not turning on any climate-controlling devices in April. The Husband is threatening to shut up all the windows, turn off the fans and crank up the AC, soon, though.

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