Running Goals

2 Feb

I’m a slacker.  I can’t believe that I trained for Boston through the winter a few years ago, and now I haven’t run outside since December.  I think I ran on my treadmill a handful of times, and did some P90X and OnDemand videos, but most of my exercise has come from shoveling snow.  In my defense, I live in an awful place for running outside.  I have to go on the main road to get anywhere other than the 1/2 mile loop in my neighborhood.  And that main road does not have shoveled sidewalks, so I’m kind of screwed.  I don’t mind the cold, but I hate the thought of being hit by a car.  Call me a weenie if you like.

But I’m fed up with the snow, and I’m joining a gym (I think).  I may not use their treadmill more than I use my own, but I may feel some guilt about spending money each month and still not going.  I felt that guilt at home until the treadmill was paid off, its faded since then.

To help motivate myself, I’ve composed a list of races I plan on running this year.  I’m aiming for 12, and still have some spots open.  My plan is to update you, and the list, with my results, and then you can laugh at me.  I’m pretty sure I’ll get to 12, since races always pop up over the summer, and I’m sure I’m leaving out some others.  I’m going to look for a good July 4th race this year – I miss running the Hingham 4.6 miler.


(I’m potentially attempting a 10K this weekend, but having issues signing up)

2/20 – Old Fashioned 5K/Foxboro



3/5 – Irish 5K/Pawtucket

3/19 – St Pats 5K/Providence



5/1 – James Joyce Ramble 10K/Dedham


5/1 – Cox 5K/Providence

5/29 – Run to Remember 5m/Boston



7/29 – Blessing of the Fleet 10m/’Gansett



8/7 – Rock n’ Roll HM/Providence



9/18 –  CVS 5K/Providence



? – Mews Tavern Gear n’ Beer 5K/Wakefield

11/24 – Gobble, Gobble, Gobble 4m/Somerville


(I’m also thinking about the Disney Wine & Dine half on 10/1.)


So there you have it.  Hold me accountable, people!


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