How to Have the Perfect Hangover Day

27 Feb

Start with a bagel with WisPride cheddar spread & a cup (or two) of coffee.

Move on to fountain Diet Coke, preferably in a clear plastic cup (bonus points for crushed ice).

Lunch at Chilis: tortilla chips & salsa, bacon ranch chicken quesadilla, and more fountain diet coke.  (This can be counter productive when the restaurant is full of screaming toddlers, and you can’t stop laughing so hard you cry at things that aren’t even that funny).

800 mg of ibuprofen.  Washed down with more fountain Diet Coke.

Love Actually, on the couch, under a down comforter, with mini Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Scheduled for later this evening:

Leftover quesadillas (along with the tortilla chips I threw in the second to go box at Chilis, much to J’s horror) and the Oscars, where I will continue to drool over Colin Firth.  And maybe a cupcake.


2 Responses to “How to Have the Perfect Hangover Day”

  1. kirsten February 27, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    Just don’t put sushi in the cupcake and you’ll be cured for sure! Great party!!! And don’t forget.. I did beat you in the egyptian dance-off. 🙂

  2. Beth February 28, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    That much Mexican food + Love Actually = my perfect day, hangover or not.

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