Race #3: St. Pat’s 5K in Providence

22 Mar

I was kind of dreading this race.  The last time I worked out was Race #2, and I had no confidence that I wasn’t going to die during this one!  But, I signed up, and I’m too cheap to lose $30, so away I went.

Race day was, unfortunately, not nearly as nice as the 70 degree weather we had the day before.  It was in the forties, but nice when the sun was out and the wind wasn’t blowing.  There were 4,000 entrants, and there was a lot of jostling for position and bobbing & weaving around runners.  There were also a lot of cranky people.  I had a guy elbow me while yelling at someone for walking.  I did not love people that day.

The course itself was pretty much an out-and-back, with a turnaround loop in a neighborhood with two big hills.  I did pretty good on the hills, then started to feel like concrete towards the end.  You can see the RI State House (the finish line) for what feels like a long time before you get to it.

After the race, we had beers & nachos.  What more could you want?  Oh, and my time was a little better than race #2:  29:41.

Next up: I’m shooting for a 10K Easter weekend.  Free bunny ears!

(by the way, I promise to blog about more than running ASAP)


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