Road Trip!

10 Apr

Last weekend, J & I, along with seven friends, headed up to NH for a weekend away.  Well, the main reason we went was to see my favorite band, OAR, who were playing a concert at Mt Sunapee.  To sweeten the pot for my non-OAR-obsessed friends, we threw in skiing, frying and drinking, all in a pretty cool house that slept 9.

J & I set off for the three-hour drive around noon on Friday.  We both took the day off of work, and wanted to get an early start.  I don’t really “do” car rides more than two hours, so we stopped twice – once for lunch, once at the NH Liquor Store.  Well, in all fairness, we stopped three times, but the third was for a speeding ticket, so we don’t need to talk about that.

The house was great – it was on a giant lake, with a view of the mountain, 5 bedrooms, a wood stove, a deck, and this guy, who we named Benny:

Officially, Benny is a footrest, but he was used for many things all weekend.  He was greeting the rest of the crew above, but I used him a lot for his intended purpose, and was more than happy about it.

We cooked up some pasta & drank some wine Friday night, played a little Just Dance on the Wii, and did  not burn the house down.  Score!  Saturday afternoon was the concert.  It was held in the parking lot of the mountain, where J & a friend skied earlier, even though we had 8 lift tickets (long story).  We got in to the tent, and went through the long process to get beers, just as OAR was starting.  We tried to get up as close to the front as possible, and this is what we got:

The drinkers were corralled in the back of the tent, while everyone up front was closer to the band, but dry.  Surprisingly, the dry group was having more fun than the drinkers.  The drinking section was distracting, with everyone chit chatting and not worshipping Marc Roberge as they should (isn’t he cute?)

Despite the seclusion and the multiple trips to the bathroom (damn Bud Lights), the show was great.  OAR is an awesome live band, and they did not disappoint.  There was crowd surfing, a guy dressed as a hot dog, and beach ball tossing (all up front, of course).

Beer service ended at 6:15, and after one last trip to the bathroom, we made our way to the promised land up front.  Just in time for the last song.  Luckily, the last song was the best song, a seventeen minute version of That Was a Crazy Game of Poker, which we had rehearsed in the house all weekend.  They came back for an encore of Night Shift, and rocked that as well.  Here’s the obligatory self-portrait (one of many):

From the concert, we bar hopped through Newbury (two bars, two beers each, three pizzas to go).  I met some youngins from my alma mater, who got kicked out of the bar for kicking a pint glass across the floor.  Way to represent!  This sign was in one of the bars (Bubbas!) and I found it appropriate.  It’s a little fuzzy, as was I, but it says: Warning: Drinking may cause memory loss…or worse yet…memory loss.  (Maybe it was only funny after 6 beers) .

After we returned to the house & scarfed down the pizza, the frying began.  The winner of the night was the fried Twinkie.  I don’t know what this was, but it was fried and therefore good:

Of course, we played LCR, we sang along with the iPod, we talked about bodily functions, we ate.  You know, the usual.  The next day we ate more, packed up the car and headed home, this time without incident (although we did have a failed stop at the college bookstore/coffee shop.  Why are they always closed when I need them?)  Overall, a great road trip!


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