Random Musings Over Sunday Morning Coffee

17 Apr

The other day I saw a guy walking through South Station on his cell phone.  He made finger quotes to the person on the other end of the call.

I took tomorrow off to watch the Boston Marathon.  I’m pretty excited because a) I’m meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in years (and will meet her crazy marathon running boyfriend), b) I have the day off, and c) I love watching other people run.  It makes me feel lazy & therefore inspires me.  I hope it inspires me enough to actually run next week.

Despite the fact none of you participated in the paint poll (ahem), we picked orange as the paint color for the laundry room.  I painted most of last weekend, and now my BFF’s boyfriend is tiling, which is a lot of work.  He was here all day yesterday, and even refused warm cookies because he was too busy to eat them.  Despite the fact that leads me to believe there is something seriously wrong with him, the tile looks great so far, and he’ll be back to grout later.

My new favorite website is Big Cat Coffees.  If you have a Keurig, you should check it out.  I love the variety packs.

My new favorite app is Words with Friends.  Unfortunately, its J’s favorite too, and he steals my phone from me often.

J found a dead mouse in the shed.  Guess who will not be partaking in shed cleaning duties this year?

Two weeks till Vegas!  I’m actually debating spending another night there.


One Response to “Random Musings Over Sunday Morning Coffee”

  1. monnik April 20, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    I hope you had a nice time watching the marathon. I expect that the atmosphere has to be super charged up there.

    Have fun in Vegas! An extra night would be fun!

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