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What up.

31 May

I guess I could have titled this: Life gets in the way.

Its funny, I haven’t been particularly busy, or stressed, or happy, or sad.  I mean, I’ve been all of those at one point or another, just not enough of one or the other to justify not blogging in weeks.  It’s just life, you know?  Always there, always in the way.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

I owe you a race report on the Harpoon 5 miler, but I wanted to get “regular” post in before that.  I need to go re-count my bibs, but I’m approaching Race #50, and I hope to make it a good one.

The mouse count in the shed was higher than I would have liked, and, thankfully, J did all the cleaning out this year.  We also mulched, mowed and planted this weekend, all with a lovely head cold/cough.

My hair is in that super awkward “too long to stay down when its hot, too short to go up” phase.  I’ve resorted to pigtails, dropping my age to 12.

In response to this article , the MBTA stopped collecting fares on my later-morning train.  Don’t worry, I donned my cranky old lady hat and wrote them a nasty-gram about it.

We had a sad week last week when we had to say goodbye to J’s grandfather, “Bumpa.”  He passed away surrounded by his family, J included, and there was a lovely memorial service for him later in the week.  He was a great man, treated me like one of his own grandkids, and will be sorely missed.  (For all you Bruins fans out there, I think you can thank Bumpa for last Friday’s semi-final win).

Its hot.  I know, its only May, it will get hotter. My house gets so hot, I think its 85 upstairs right now, and today wasn’t even that humid.  I don’t think I’ll be leaving the basement all summer.  And I don’t think I’ll be doing my hair either.  My next major purchase will be central air.  You know, when I win the lottery.



More Sunday Ramblings

15 May

I was going to do a whole post about our family Vegas vacation, but I’m not really feeling it.   I’ll just give you some pictures and a quick recap instead:

Red Rocks = awesome

Weather = dry heat

Love = weird, but good.  (not recommended after pitchers of margaritas)

Lemonade with vodka & rosemary = new favorite drink

The family got along well, no tears, no fighting, so I’d say it was a successful trip.  The next vacation is scheduled for 2026.

In other news, we painted & tiled the laundry room.  I had a before and after post planned, but I lost all the before pictures, and I haven’t taken any after pictures yet.  It looks good, trust me.

We’ve also been purging & collecting junk for a yard sale in June.  Its all good junk, I just don’t want it in my house.  Please come buy it.  Today we purged the boiler room/man cave.  I bought lots of plastic bins & labels for the 40,000 allen wrenches we seem to have collected.  It makes me happy.

I’m fairly certain it’s never going to stop raining.  If it doesn’t stop raining, we can’t clean out the shed and do a body count of the dead mice, and therefore, I’ll never be able to go in the shed alone.

The Bruins are in the conference finals, and we had people over to watch the game last night.  They lost,  so that will be the last time we have people over to watch the Bruins in the playoffs.

My new rule is that I can only drink on days I work out.  So I’ll soon have a great body and be an alcoholic.  Go me.

Race #4: The Jamestown Bridge 10K in Jamestown

1 May

Wow, its been a month since my last race.  You would think I might have used that time wisely and trained, but, no.  Who do you think I am, a real runner?

In addition to being ill-prepared for this race, I was flying solo.  Not completely solo, I did go to & from the race with a few friends, but they all run faster than me (stupid boys), so I had no running buddy, as my BFF deserted me for sunny FL, and I couldn’t rally anyone else.  The weather forecast was not promising, but I was optimistic.

I was also wrong.  No sooner did we get to the bag pick up (an hour before race time) and collect our numbers (no bunny ears!), the rain came.  Hard.  Did I mention it was 40 degrees?  I was so optimistic I wore a running skirt and a windbreaker.  Once again, my toes were like icicles.  If I had a car near me, I would have gotten in it and driven straight home.  Frankly, I should have never gotten out of bed.

We huddled under the energy drink tent while the perky energy drink woman tried to kick us back into the rain.  The rain let up a little bit, and at 9 am we were off.  The race started off flat but crowded, as we were on an on-ramp, and then we were on the bridge.

I knew the bridge was a climb, but I didn’t fully realize how much of a climb it was.  I also underestimated the fact that metal joices (I think that’s what they’re called – the things that hold the bridge together) get ridiculously slippery when wet.  I almost fell on my ass when I hit the first one, and then had to attempt to gracefully leap like a gazelle over the others.  Not pretty.  We ran over the bridge, through a neighborhood, up another hill, then back up and over the bridge again.

Here is my nemesis:

I had to walk up the bridge a bit, then I walked long enough at the water stations to get some liquid into my mouth (I am not coordinated enough to run and drink at the same time, of course).  I fully expected to walk a bit the second time over the bridge, but it felt easier and I made it up just fine, and then I was coming down with the wind at my back.  I felt great when I hit mile 5, then I realized I had another 1.2 miles of slight incline ahead of me, and I was not happy.  I had to walk a bit, which I hate doing so late in the race, but I was pretty much done.

By the time I crossed the finish line, looking like a drowned rat and needing a shower worse than I ever have in my life, it was 1:02:58.  My worst 10k to date, not that I’ve done many of them, but still, disappointing.  I did make it in before the bus had to pick me up so they could re-open the bridge, so there’s that.

Overall, a fairly awful race.  But I had a beer in the shower, so there’s that.  What?  Its called multitasking.

Next up: Harpoon 5 miler, May 22nd.  Free Beer!