Random Saturday Ramblings

9 Jul

I wanted to get a “real” post in before I blog about Race #50, happening in a few hours.  In no particular order:

– J & I had a great day off together last Friday.  We biked 9 miles on the East Bay Bike Path, had lunch at Luxe Burger Bar (slowest burger in RI!), and went kayaking on the Narrow River.  My butt has still not forgiven me for the bike ride.

– We started getting out market shares from the farmer’s market, and after a few weeks of too much applesauce, we’re getting into better veggies.  More kale than I care for, but some awesome raspberries & granola this week.

– Speaking of veggies, my garden is out of control.  J built a fence to keep the bunnies out, and its starting to stunt the growth of my tomatoes.  I’ve also got some awesome basil & rosemary, plus actual flowers that are surviving the summer.

– Seafood Fest 2011 was a success, despite the keg being kicked fairly early and my drunk husband’s diatribe on the way home on how “No good music has come out in the last 5 years.”  (he later promised he did not include OAR in that statement).

– Did you know OAR has a new single out?  Go here for a free download.  You can also pre-order the new CD if you’re crazy like me.  It’s not my favorite song ever, but its growing on me.  It will be interesting to hear how it sounds live (on 8/10!)

– Life has been stressful lately, for a variety of reasons, some good, some bad.  I’m going to have to make some big decisions soon, that I may or may blog about.  How’s that for vague-blogging at its best?

– Did we talk about how the Bruins won the Stanley Cup?  And that J was (and still is) ridiculously excited about it?  Really, no one was happier than this kid:

He was not so pleased when he had to work on parade day, and I forwarded him a picture of the cup from a friend at work.  He thought I went to the parade without him.  I’m not sure our marriage could have survived that.

– I almost forgot (blocked out) the fact we dog sat for a few days for my parents’ puggle.  She was actually okay, despite being a beggar & a bed hog, until the last day we had her, when J took her to the farmer’s market.  She was not well behaved, and he put her in the car for three minutes to grab some more stuff, and she peed on the passenger seat.  She’s lucky she’s so cute.


I have to go finish my pre-race prep.  I’ll be blogging about it later, as long as I don’t get lost somewhere in Providence forever.


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