29 Dec

Meet Baxter.  Also known as: Beastie, Poochie, Little Weezy, Baxtie Boo and The Devil Dog.  Answers to none of those names, pretty much ignores whatever we say to him.  Most commonly called “No!”

Favorite pastimes: chewing toes, biting noses, stealing towels, collecting dust bunnies under the bed.

Talents: peeing in the house, chewing on the tree, unfazed by bitter spray, being adorable when sleeping.

We got Baxter from a friend of a friend whose neighbor found him and his brothers in a box in a ditch in VA.  Baxter was able to hitch a ride up to MA with his brother, Milo, and we picked him up the Sunday before Christmas.  I tried to surprise J with him, but logistics were tough, and I told him the night before we went to pick him up.  In retrospect, I would have never been able to drive an hour with a squirmy whiney puppy and not crash the car, and I think J was beginning to think I was cheating on him, so it was good I told him.

Remember my Kids vs. Pets posts (here and here)?  I obviously don’t have first-hand experience in which is harder, but, man, this pup is a lot of work.  We’re on him like white on rice, 24/7.  I have to remind myself that he’s just a baby, but, as far as I know, 2 month olds don’t try to steal your towel while you’re still using it.  I think he has an attitude, too.  We’re trying to give him his approved chew toys when he starts gnawing on something he shouldn’t, but he’s not interested.  In fact, he carries the toy to whatever he shouldn’t be chewing, and starts on that.  And, for a ten pound pup, he has quite the grip.  It took J 10 minutes to dislodge his collar from behind his razor sharp puppy teeth the other day.  He also does this thing where he’s 5 feet away from you and opens and shuts his mouth like he’s trying to bite you even though you’re not near him.  As in, “hey, come closer, my 8 teeth will tear you up, bitch.”

He’s exhausting, but awesome.  He’s still small enough to carry, and when he’s tired, I can pick him up like a baby and take him anywhere.  Until he wakes up and tries to bite my face off.  He terrorized Chloe on Christmas, successfully biting her tail, and scared her so much that she ended up cowering on J’s lap while Baxter took a nap.  Did I mention we’ve become those people who take their dog everywhere?  He slept right through 20 people opening gifts and tossing wrapping paper on Christmas Eve, and successfully peed on every floor we went to visit.

J is beyond excited to have a puppy.  He’s so sweet when he gets Baxter out of his crate to go out (he loves sleeping in his crate, so that’s a big plus!)  He’s currently home with him all day, and I think that’s wearing him out a bit, but you can tell Baxter loves him best.  And I think J might love Baxter more than me, so there’s that.  But overall, we’re thrilled to have this “baby” as part of our family.


One Response to “Baxter”

  1. craftycritter December 30, 2011 at 11:09 am #

    Yay more pictures! And try a spray bottle of water. Tell him no, if he doesn’t stop what he’s not supposed to be doing, say no again and squirt him with water. Or if the water doesn’t work you could try vinegar. If the spray bottle doesn’t work at all, try shaking a bottle at him. Take an empty plastic water bottle, add a small handful of change to it (doesn’t need to be much at all) and when he doesn’t respond to no the first time, shake it at him when saying no the second time.

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