Once Again, I’m Back and I’ll Be Better

6 May

Did you miss me?  Here’s what’s been up in Beer Me Strength-land:

This little baby ball of fur:

Is now this giant beast:

Baxter now weighs around 45 pounds, and we think he’s a boxer/shepherd mix.  He’s about 5 months old, and very much a puppy, despite his growing size and strength.  He’s not even a little bit graceful – he’s just a big, clumsy mutt.  If he wants to be somewhere and you’re in his way, he walks right into you.  He barks at the doorbell on TV, he runs into walls, and he thinks lotion on someone’s legs is a special treat.  He loves other dogs, and especially loves the dog park.  He’s still a lot of work, we have to watch every little thing he does, but he is growing up and getting better and smarter.  He graduated from Puppy Kindergarten,  knows some tricks, and loves his crate (unless Uncle Greg is babysitting).

Aside from chasing after Baxter constantly, some of the things while I’ve been on hiatus include:

  • We rang in the New Year with Chinese food, Baxter and Dick Clark.  Look how thrilled he was:
  • My BFF had her twins in January, and after a stay in the NICU, they’re home screaming their baby heads off.  They’re adorable, and clearly love me the most.
  • After a few months of being a stay at home dog dad, J found a job he loves, and we’re all adjusting to a regular schedule once again.  Baxter stays in his crate all day and wreaks havoc at night, J & I are back to sharing household responsibilities (rather than him doing 90% of them) and I am getting used to starting my own car in the morning.  Okay, I was a little spoiled by his work hiatus, but he’s really happy to be back at work, and its working out well.
  • Since J has a new job and doesn’t want to take vacation yet, we took a weekend trip to Burlington, VT, to eat, taste beer, and hang with the dirty hippies.  We left late on a Friday night, and didn’t get there until midnight.  I hate long car rides, and was not thrilled.  But we had a blast Saturday and Sunday, eating gingerbread pancakes, cheese and bread, and awesome pizza.  We did a lot of walking, and took tours of Magic Hat and Ben & Jerrys.  It was an excellent fatty vacation.  And probably our last, since Baxter was so poorly behaved we lost the one person willing to dog sit for him.  Oh well!
  • I’ve probably been doing a million things since I’ve been absent from blogging, but the biggest one is creating life.  From the mouth of Baxter:

Look how excited he is!  Someone new to torment & harass (and hopefully not eat, we’re working on that!)

J & I are thrilled that our baby girl will be here at the end of August.  I’m a little freaked out by the thought of a mini-me running around and treating me the way I treated my mother when I was a miserable teenager, but I’m trying to not look too far ahead.  I’m focusing on the important details, like: What color dress will she wear home from the hospital?  Will owls in her room scar her for life?  Why is it so hard to find bedding I like?

Focusing on the little things helps me not worry about every little pregnancy detail.  I’ve had a remarkably easy pregnancy so far, no sickness, no exhaustion, no excuses not to make dinner.  Everything is going well, I’m just a professional worrier.  And pregnancy is proving just how crazy worried I can get.  Aside from the fact I’m 90% sure I’ve gained too much weight (is this a surprise?  That fat kid inside of me loves this excuse to not diet, and she loves ice cream, so its kind of a given), the anxiety is the worst side effect I’ve had, so I’ll take it!

As I always promise when I’ve been away for a while, I’ll be better.  And I also promise the following will not happen now that I’m pregnant/about to have a child:

  • You will not see the inside of my uterus via ultrasound pictures
  • You will not see those weird 4D ultrasound pictures (because I won’t shell out the money for them, they creep me out)
  • There probably won’t be a birth story, and if there is, it will be vague and leave out any details that would make you cross your legs
  • After the baby comes, I won’t tell poop, puke or pee stories in graphic detail
  • This won’t be a baby blog.  This will be a blog with a baby character.  I will still do/write about fun things that don’t revolve around the baby.

So there you have it.  I’ll be back to whine next week when my doctor puts me on a diet!  WIsh me luck!


One Response to “Once Again, I’m Back and I’ll Be Better”

  1. craftycritter May 6, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    If we lived in the same state I would totally dog sit Baxter. Duncan would love him!

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