The Business of Being Baxter

10 May

When we got Baxter, I knew it wouldn’t be cheap.  He hadn’t had any shots and wasn’t fixed, and we had no dog supplies at all.  So I knew, roughly, what to plan for.  These were the things I didn’t expect:


One trip to the ER after John stepped on a nail chasing Baxter through the woods, plus antibiotics and a trip to McDonalds to ease the pain: $175


One phone call to the Pet Poison Hotline when Baxter ate an undetermined amount of my pre-natal vitamins: $65


Shoes of various kinds and sizes: $50 (Luckily, I like cheap shoes)


One dog bed, lifespan of 2 weeks: $15


Two harnesses, chewed off in desperation by the poor soul left alone for hours in his crate: $30


Three retractable leashes that proved no match to the strength of a 15 pound puppy: $15


One Build-A-Bear Puppy, who was humped shamelessly before he had his face chewed off: $30


One butter crock and one piece of pottery from our honeymoon to Costa Rica: $30 (plus tears)


He is really, really, lucky he’s so cute.


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