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26 Sep

I have no idea where September went.  Seriously, no clue.  Here’s what I do remember!

I started off the month giantly pregnant and miserable, about to bite off everyone’s head at work each time they said – you didn’t have that baby yet?  Uh, clearly no.  

Labor Day weekend was full of our usual “OhmyGodthehouseisamesswecan’tbringababyhometothis!” plus dinner with my family where I realized one glass of wine simply wasn’t enough.  Then J let Baxter out, he ran into the woods and impaled himself on a stick.  True to his stubborn dog-ness, he didn’t care, but it was gross and deep and we didn’t want it to get infected, so off to the doggie ER he went.  When leaving, J said – uh, please don’t go into labor while we’re gone, okay?  Here’s the pathetic patient with his cone head:Image


$550, two cones, two rounds of antibiotics and 3 trips to the vet later, Baxter is his usual annoying puppy self again, with the added bonus of refusing to go in his crate.

The next day, I had a doctor’s appointment where I found out nothing and was incredibly frustrated and cranky about it.  And the day after, 5 days past due, I went into labor.  After 24 hours, lots of pushing, and an emergency C Section, we had this little angel to add to the craziness in our house:Image

(I have a private blog post with more birth details that I didn’t want everyone in the world to see.  If I know you and you’d like the password, e-mail me at and I’ll decide if you’re worthy).

We are settling in nicely at home.  I was in the hospital for 4 days, and J stayed with me all but one night (I said I wouldn’t make him, but it was the weekend so he was off, plus getting up and down with the baby while recovering from surgery was difficult).  J went back to work and little miss Emilia and I spend our days eating, napping, and trying to accomplish at least one thing a day.  I couldn’t drive for two weeks but I’m clear now, and we went to the market yesterday, where she slept and put up with having cold yogurt placed on her lap in the carriage.  I’m feeling almost 100% back to normal and am trying to re-join the real world while feeding Emmy every 2 hours.  This is all harder than I thought, but I know it will get easier.

Baxter is great during the day, but kind of a jerk to J when he gets home.  J immediately takes him for a walk before he showers off the chemicals on his clothes, then takes over baby duty so I can have a break.  Baxter likes to lick and sniff Emilia, and we spend a lot of time re-assuring him that we still love him too.  This may be my favorite picture ever:


In other news, my sister-in-law got married a couple of weeks ago, 5 days after we came home from the hospital.  So I stayed home with the baby and J went to share her day with her.  She and her wife did an amazing job pulling off an elegant wedding in a beautiful backyard, and I’m sad to have missed it, but happy for them!  

For my birthday, J’s work gave him a few hours off in the morning with the instructions to make me breakfast in bed, so I started my day with banana pancakes, bacon & a beautiful necklace, plus a card from him and one from Emilia.  The day went downhill when Baxter chewed the face off my teddy bear, but improved when J & I went out for a ton of sushi and a giant glass of wine while my parents watched the baby.  We almost didn’t come back home.  

Throw in some doctor’s appointments, lots of diaper changes, and lots of staring at a beautiful baby, and there you have my September.  Maybe in October we’ll leave the house more!  


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19 Sep

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