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24 Jul

Wow.  Its been a long time.  Too long, I know.  Every so often, I’d think – I should write a blog post.  And then I’d think – Where would I start?  I have too much catching up to do!  How would I begin?  I’m still thinking the same thing, but figured I should give it a whirl.

So, what have I been up to since December?  How about some bulleted highlights?

  • Emilia is awesome.  Just awesome.  She’s such a good baby.  I have no idea how we got so lucky.  I mean, she has her baby moments, but she’s, you know, a baby, so that’s cool.  She goes places with us, or she stays with a sitter.  She sleeps through the night.  She gives big, wet, open-mouthed kisses.  She’s a total Daddy’s girl.  I could go on and on about her and how much I love her.  People say to J and I – You can tell how much she’s loved.  And, while its nice, I don’t even comprehend the alternative.  How can you not love this little face?  Or whatever little face you’re responsible for, that you created and wanted more than anything?  The amount we love her is just a no brainer to me.




  • Our first “baby” is growing up as well.  Did I tell you about the time he ran around CVS on a Sunday morning?  Yeah, that was fun.  He took an obedience class with J last winter and did very well.  In June, we got him the invisible fence, and its been great.  He has freedom (and uses some of that freedom to dig up my plants, but whatever) and he can burn off some energy.  He’s really great with the baby.  He tolerates her crawling on him, eats the food that she leaves behind, and loves to lick her.



  • J is also great.  He loves his job, and adores being a dad.  We have a good (though tiring!) routine that helps get everyone out the door in a reasonable amount of time.  He loves staying with the baby so I can go out, and he does everything I do (except cut her nails).  Its not always easy finding time to hang out together without anyone looking for our attention, but we try!


  • Work is…work.  I don’t particularly want to stay home, but I don’t really want to work either.  This winter was very hard with illnesses.  In the past 6 months, Emilia has had: RSV, pneumonia, 2 ear infections and more colds and stomach bugs than I can count.  I have had: sinus infection, something that may or may not have been pneumonia, pink eye, and a blood clot in my leg.  J had a stomach bug that sent him to Urgent Care for IV fluids, and Baxter, not to be outdone, needed a trip to the vet when he ran through some briars (the last two happened on our romantic (ha!) VT getaway weekend).  While my boss is very understanding, not everyone else is, and I have tremendous guilt when I send my kid to school coughing and snotty just so I don’t use a sick day, in case I need it later.  Luckily, I love her day care, and fully trust them.  Its just a hard balance.
  • J & I both lost grandmas this year, and while neither were unexpected, its never easy.  We’re happy that Emilia got to know both of them, even if it was for just a short time.
  • I am constantly trying to maintain a balance with everything: Me time vs Family time.  Cleaning the house vs relaxing.  Playing with Emilia vs working out.  I’m trying to accept the fact that my house will be messy and it doesn’t matter, that working out on the weekends is good enough, that its all okay.  And I know it is, but sometimes I want to have it all.  Most of the time I just want to have a maid.  And a cook.  And maybe a live in nanny.
  • We are going on vacation soon, to San Diego.  Remember we went 6 years ago?  (I’ve been blogging for that long?!)  This time it will be much different: 5 adults, 3 kids under two.  We have an awesome townhouse rented, and lots of ideas but no real plans.  I think it will be exhausting but fun.  Regardless, there will be wine and there will not be work, so, yay!
  • Shortly after vacation is Emilia’s first birthday. We are having a big, theme party, because we like parties, and I love themes, and not because Pinterest made me do it.  Seriously, it will be like our normal fall party, but with more pink, more family, and a cake.  (PS – its not really okay to ask parents of an infant when they are having another one.  I’m astounded we are all in one piece after this year, and we have an angel baby.  No rocking the boat, people!)

I’m sure a million other things have happened since December, but I can’t think of them, so I’ll leave you with some random pictures.  Till next time (which may or may not be in 7 more months!)

IMG_1721 IMG_0858 IMG_1132 IMG_1748