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You know I love the past, ’cause I hate suspense…

26 Sep

Emilia turned one on September 6, and OMG you guys, I can’t believe she’s not a baby anymore.  She’s like, a toddler who doesn’t actually toddle yet (she crawls like lightning, but would prefer to cruise holding on to furniture, and no, she does not want any help walking, she’ll just crawl away on her own).  She’s her own little person, with opinions, and, more often, demands (like “crackah!  crackah!”)  At the moment, it’s a toss-up between who she loves more – her Disney princess little people or her doggie, who she is constantly trying to kiss.


words I never thought I’d say: Baxter, get your tongue out of that baby’s mouth, now.

The last year has been exhausting, overwhelming and stressful, but the happiest year of my life.  J & I formed an unbelievable team to care for our two “kids” (and the big, furry one is way more work than the tiny dictator most days).  We spent the year learning what they both needed and how to do it in the best way to keep everyone happy.  There is almost nothing J won’t do without being asked, there are very little “his/hers jobs” in our house.  We have a really easy baby, but it’s not easy managing any baby, a house, a dog, and two full-time jobs.  We survived (and truly loved) the first year, and there’s no one I’d rather have by my side to wrestle couch pillows from the jaws of the beast while sweeping the floor free of Cheerios as I hunt down those GD princesses and sign over another chunk of what was previously known as the vacation fund to the daycare.

To celebrate, we threw a party for our family and friends on Labor Day weekend.  I have a love/hate relationship with parties at my house.  I love planning, decorating, and cooking, but I hate cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.  Especially for outside parties – you have to clean outside and inside, and then pray it doesn’t rain.  Which it did, hard, all morning for our party, leaving us 30 minutes to put up tents and decorate.  But, we got it all done, the food was great (I had a lot of help) and I think everyone had a good time.

Emilia loved the attention.  From the second we brought her outside, fresh from her nap and all dressed up, she soaked it all up.  She was passed around all afternoon, played with her friends, ate lots of junk, and destroyed her cake.

IMG_2256Yes, this was inspired by Pinterest.  Yes, I know it’s the devil.  I do not care, I loved it.


Yes, that is a tattoo on my infant.


I made that!  With fondant!


Yum.  Nothing organic here!


Check out my new ride, yo!

I truly can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly.  It seems like a lifetime ago that I was in the hospital, exhausted and crying, convinced I’d never sleep again, because why does that baby cry every time I put her down?!?!  Then home, trying to figure out how to hold a newborn, let a giant dog outside, and not hurt my incision going up and down stairs.  Waking up in time for J to leave for work, but not until he left a grilled muffin and a cup of coffee on my nightstand.  Buying every swaddle and nursing accessory imaginable, hoping something would help either situation.  Crying (again, there was a lot of crying) at the pediatricians because she was losing weight instead of gaining.  Finally getting in a routine, finally getting some sleep, finally not crying every other hour.  And just settling in to life, our new life, as a family, learning to take care of each other the best we could.  And looking forward to whatever life brings us next.

I’m Going Going, Back Back, to Cali Cali

8 Sep

In the middle of August, we went on a much needed vacation to San Diego with three other grown ups and 19 month old twins (my BFF’s kids).  I spent most of the summer with thoughts ranging between – “this is crazy, we’re not going to have any fun” and “bring it.”  I’m an anxious traveler to begin with.  I’m not so worried about plane crashes as I am about the logistics – long lines at security, delayed flights, lost luggage.  Add a baby and all her junk to the equation, and I was waking up in the middle of the night with thoughts of – “but what if she gets sick right before we leave, or worse, when we’re there?”  I’m happy to report that no one was patted down by the TSA (the Ergo was awesome for traveling, and TSA was very helpful), the flights went off without a hitch, we were able to change the kids on our very short layover, and no luggage got lost or destroyed in the process.  Picking up the rental car was a bit of a cluster (apologies to Juan at Dollar in San Diego for rolling my eyes after I heard him give someone directions to his favorite restaurant for the 9th time while my back almost broke in line for an hour.  But I’m not sorry we didn’t buy your stupid insurance).  We made it to fish tacos and beer on the Pacific Ocean a mere 12 (15?  I don’t get time changes) hours after we left our house.

We rented a cool house three blocks from Pacific Beach, and the owner had 3 pack and plays and 3 booster seats for us to secure the monkeys in.  The tub situation was not ideal, as evidenced by the one time we tried to bathe all three of them together.  I had my camera ready to capture 3 smiling, soapy kids playing together.  What I got was 3 kids who were lucky they didn’t beak their necks.  They were all over the place, trying to climb out and stand up, all the adults were soaked, and I’m not really sure how clean any of them actually got.  We did separate (or no) baths after that!

We could have spent two weeks in San Diego, if we had unlimited money.  There’s just so much to see and do.  We did something every day – its kind of hard not to when you’re surrounded by fun stuff.  The nicest part about going away with friends and kids is that we all got some grown up time – each couple got a date night, the girls had dinner out, and the boys toured Petco Park one day.  The kids enjoyed playing together, the adults enjoyed drinking together.  Everyone was happy!

Here are some of the highlights!

Enjoying La Jolla!  We ate at on a great roof deck and listened to fabulous music.  I had a burrito with french fries in it!  (It made me very sick later, but it was great at the time!)


The zoo!  I’m a big zoo fan, and was bummed that the line to see the panda was ridiculous and we had to skip it.  But we bought Emilia a shirt with a panda and will probably lie and tell her she saw it if she asks.


Making faces at Daddy outside.  Did I mention that our place had a sun deck and an awesome outdoor firepit?  Plus a fish tank Emilia was petrified of, and a pool table we never used.  Image

Temecula.  The kids were less impressed than we were, but enjoyed the free crackers.  This is like a wine vending machine – how cool is that?  We tied some great wines, ate some meat and cheese, and had a great day.  ImageImage

The beach at the Hotel del Coronado (where we went while the boys were touring Petco), and Pacific Beach, where we stayed.  All the kids loved the beach, especially eating the sand.  I bought them all matching beach towels, and pictured a cute little photo shoot that Pottery Barn could use in their ads, but you try to get 3 kids under two to sit still on the beach long enough to drink a beer, I mean, take a picture.ImageImage

Disney Land!  This was the best day of our trip.  We got up early and hit the road, hitting no traffic, and were there right after the park opened.  It was crowded, but not unbearable.  We kept jumping on rides with no lines, and they were great for the kids.  All of the kids loved it – they were mesmerized by the colors, especially on Its a Small World, singing along and everything.  They all behaved, we didn’t drop anyone off a boat (only lost one shoe), and we got to go on some grown up rides as well (Single Rider line = Best Invention Ever).  We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe before heading home, exhausted, broke, and happy.  ImageImage

The plane ride home.  We had a great trip, but were happy to go fetch bad doggie and sleep in our own beds!Image