Two Race Reports

6 Oct

Remember all those races I ran in 2011?  And then I ran one in 2012?  I haven’t done much better in 2013.  And I actually watched a race, while drinking coffee, still in maternity jeans with a 6 month old.  (I then took that 6 month old on a Providence pub crawl.  Not my finest day).

I only ran 3 races (so far) in 2013, and two were in one week.  The first race was in June, and I did pretty awful, yet drank a warm Guinness at 10am to celebrate not dying.  I earned that gross beer!

My first race since then happened to be Emilia’s first race ever.  J& I ran the CVS 5K in Providence, and pushed the little freeloader in her fancy jogging stroller.  I don’t know if you’ve ever run with a jogging stroller, but it has its pros and cons.  The cons are that it adds 40ish pounds to push (stroller + 1-year-old), it feels like its going to steal your child and launch her down hills (thank goodness for that wrist strap!) and it’s just kind of awkward.  The next time you run, try doing it with both hands just hanging out in front of you at chest level, not letting your arms swing.  Weird, right?  It’s still weird (but better) with one hand.  The pros are that you have somewhere to stash your stuff, and you can use it as leverage if you find yourself falling on a trail run.  So, really, the pros aren’t that great (side note: I suck at trail running).

I’ve been out on a few runs with the jogging stroller, thanks to my running/marathon buddy Michelle and our summer tour of the MA DCR parks.  J also pushed the stroller for about half of the course (he may have run over some toes at the start, but who’s counting?) so that helped.  Emilia was great the whole race, she ate her cookies, almost fell asleep, and even held J’s fingers while he ran at one point.  There is a large hill at the end of the race, and J offered to take the stroller, but, being the martyr I am, I said – no, I’ll do it, but I’ll tell everyone you made me push it.  And then I beat him by a second.  Emmy’s favorite part was after the race, when she got to sit on the grass and have pizza (I think it was J’s favorite part too).

Six days later (coincidentally, the next time I worked out), I ran the Color Me Rad in Seekonk with my BFF and 3 of her buddies.  I left Emilia at home for this one, since they throw colored cornstarch at you, and, while I’m no doctor, I’m pretty sure that’s no good for a baby’s lungs, especially one who’s had pneumonia.  It was an early day, we met at 7:15 and got to the race by 8 or so.  We were pretty psyched to start, we all had on white to capture the color, they gave us cool neon sunglasses, and we applied “RAD” tattoos.  We were scheduled to start in the 9:20 wave, but since no one was paying attention to what wave you were in, we just jumped in with the 9am wave.  Along with everyone else.  We counted down to the start about 4 times before we were off, but we were able to throw some color bombs at each other to keep us occupied.  Finally, we were off!

And we were in a field running in circles.  No music, nothing to look at, and the color bomb stations were set at every kilometer, so not even that much color.  The field was rocky & muddy, and you had to run on an incline in some spots.  That is, where you could run.  Since this wasn’t a timed event, walkers were mixed in with runners.  And they were walking four across the narrow path, so there was a lot of bobbing and weaving to get around them, making for a frustrating run.  The color bomb stations were ok – you either got someone throwing handfuls of colored cornstarch or squirting some warm, dirty water like substance at you.  And there was nothing to do at the end, you would have thought that with 7,000 people they could have wrangled up some food trucks or something else to eat besides mini Lara bars.  We tossed some more cornstarch, got our picture taken, and headed for the car, where we took some more pics and dusted off, daydreaming of Bloody Marys and Eggs Benedict.

And we sat in the car.  And sat.  And sat some more.  For about 1-1/2 hours.  The man next to us ranted and raged at his kids, a fun family day ruined by a parking jam.  We gathered more supplies (stupid Lara bars) and almost got in a fight with a girl who wouldn’t let us out (“we” and “almost” are both strong exaggerations).  My BFF listened to 4 hungry girls yelling directions at her as we darted across the lot into better lanes, finally free.  And then we sat in more traffic.  But THEN, we got beers and food and re-designed the race and all was right with the world.  I think we’ll all be passing on this race next year.

So, what’s next?  Definitely the Mews 5K in November, but I’d love to sneak in a couple of races before then.  Once I get over this sore throat that’s kept me whining on the couch all weekend.



One Response to “Two Race Reports”

  1. Mare October 7, 2013 at 5:20 am #

    Welcome back to racing! I have a goal to do 6 in the next year. Glad to know a color run needn’t be a big priority.

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