What’s in a Name?

9 Nov

(apparently, this never got out of draft mode.  Ooops).

If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

I just spent the better part of a year picking a name for a tiny human who was a stranger to me, and now I have to change my own name?  Seriously?

I love names, I really do.  Picking out Emilia’s name with J was actually fun.  We constantly bounced names off of each other, usually the most awful names we could come up (often inspired by the NBA).  At one point, I really did think we would end up with a Pandalella, an improvement over our other frontrunner, Wylson (only funny if you know our last name).  There were very few names I loved and he hated, and vice versa.  And I’m happy with our last minute decision after she was born.  We were debating between Emilia and Emmeline (though I think we both knew Emilia would win) and when she was born, I said to J “What does she look like?” and he said “She looks like me!”  I laughed and told him I was talking about the name, and he said “Oh, Emilia, definitely” as if there was never any doubt in his mid.

But my name, that’s another story.  I never loved my name, never hated it either.  Because what are you going to do about it?  It was mine, my parents picked it, I never knew any other.  I wasn’t going to change it, I can’t even change my ringtone in fear of not recognizing my own phone.  I always had other kids in school with my name, but never to the point where it was frustrating.  It did get a little hairy in college when we had Julie B, Julie C and Julie D, but we got over it quickly (I was Little Julie, despite the fact there was no Big Julie, since neither other Julie was big, just taller than me, which isn’t hard).

None of this actually answers the question, because it’s a hard one.  I’ve come up with a few names, and then thought – oh no, I knew a xxx, she was nasty.  Or – no, I’d never be able to get a personalized license plate with xxx on it.

There is one name I just remembered that I love, and J did not (though I didn’t love it enough to fight for it).  It’s the name of someone I “know” (my code for: met on the Interwebs and MYOB where), though not very well, so I don’t really know if she’s nice or mean or a man-eater or what.

The name is Kalen, but you can call me Kay for short.


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