That’s When my Love Comes Tumbling Down

13 Nov

what is your favorite hour of the day?

Between 6:30-7:30.

Since I work next to the day care, and Js truck doesn’t fit a car seat, I have drop off and pick up duty. Most of the time I don’t mind, but there are some days when I’m rushing out of work to get Emilia before they leave her on the doorstep. (If you want to know my favorite moment, it’s the minute she sees me at school and comes crawling over to me to be picked up. Hands down the best part of my day).

We get home around 6, and I hatehatehate 6-6:30. We’re all hungry, the dog needs to be walked, bags need to be unpacked, we’re tired, and the baby is looking rough after a day of playing, so she should probably get a bath. What’s for dinner again? The still frozen chicken or the leftovers no one liked the day before when they were fresh?

By 6:30, life seems to have settled a bit. Emilia is finishing up dinner, Baxter is looking for scraps, and, between J and I, the kitchen looks reasonable and our dinner is started. After a brief debate over who gets stuck with bath time, we decide the baby isn’t that dirty, and start the battle to shove her into her jammies after a quick wipe down instead.

We all usually go to the nursery to play a bit before Emilia’s 7pm bedtime. She yells at us to read her letter books to her, Baxter sits on our laps, jealous that he’s not getting enough attention. Playtime is brief, since she’s off to bed by 7. J and I both kiss her goodnight, turn on the bedtime music in her favorite toy, Violet (which she promptly changes to something else really annoying) and read her a book while she relaxes. Then we beg the dog to follow us out before she flips out, shut her door and proceed with our night.

The next half hour is grown up time for J and I. We finish cooking and eat together, no distractions aside from Beggy mc Beggerson Baxter. We chat about our days, our plans, or just sit and eat. It’s nice to have this downtime before we finish our clean up and get ready for the next day, before we veg out in front if the tv/computer and rescue stuffed animals from the jaws of Baxter.


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