Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning?

14 Nov

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Once I stop hitting snooze and praying that my alarm clock is 4 hours fast, I actually am a morning person.  I really just need to forget that its morning, and that my bed is so warm, and that if I skipped working out and doing my hair, I could really sleep for a whole 45 minutes longer.  I just need to not think about it, and get up when the alarm clock goes off.

I am very proud to say that I have woken up (and gotten out of bed) at 5:15am 4 days a week (except one) for the past 6 weeks to work out.  I missed just one morning, and blame the Red Sox for that.  I roll out of bed, turn off all four alarms, and I’m off.

Once I’m up, I’m good to go.  I work out for 25 minutes with my boyfriend, Shaun T, grab a cup of coffee and hop in the shower.  I actually do my hair now that its cut short, and sometimes I even eat breakfast (when J makes it for me).  Lately, I’ve been folding laundry or wiping down the bathroom in the morning.  Plus there’s that pesky baby and dog to tend to.

I feel good when I get things done in the morning, because when I get home it’s all I can do to get done what has to get done and crash on the couch.  And I don’t think you can be a night owl when you can’t even stay awake for Modern Family.



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