10 for Everything

17 Nov

The newest Facebook “thing,” blog style.

1. I had my first kiss in college (the rock of love).

2. I talk to my mom everyday, especially since I had the baby. I think it started when I was 38 weeks pregnant and she’d call every day and ask if I had the baby yet.

3. I tell Emilia that the things I love, in order, are her, Daddy, and coffee.

4. I have been egged twice. Not my car or house, but myself.

5. I have a hard time spending large amounts of money at one time. For some reason, I’d rather spend $50 in each of 4 shopping trips than $200 in one. Target is the exception to this rule.

6. I can’t drink coffee while eating yogurt. The thought disgusts me.

7. I can fit my fist in my mouth.

8. I don’t have eye teeth or wisdom teeth.

9. Baxter has a voice. He sounds like Eeyore. J and I speak for him too much.

10. I love my family. But I love being alone too. Just not for too long. I talk to myself too much when alone.


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