Fashion! Turn to the Left.

21 Nov

Describe an outfit that makes you feel good. (It can be from any period of your life.) Double points if you post a picture of yourself in the outfit.

Take yourself back to 1991.  Put yourself in my shoes: I was a dork, there’s no other way to describe me.  I was in Honors classes, awful at gym, sang in the choir, never kissed a boy.  I wanted to be cool, I even hung out with cool kids (well, they were at least cool to me).  I tried to dress fashionably, to downplay my giant glasses and even giant-er buck teeth (braces would come shortly after).  I begged my thrifty mom to buy me name brand clothes, even though they weren’t cheap.

When I was in 7th grade, I had to interview someone for a project in the gifted and talented program, and I picked Patrick Kennedy, son of Ted Kennedy (further dork evidence).  My preparation for the interview including picking out what I considered to be the perfect outfit.  I put all of my “cool” clothes together.  I thought I looked awesome:

– blue Skidz short overalls (one strap down)

– black BUM Equipment tee-shirt

– brown boat shoes with the laces unties but ties into that curlicue thing

– black Chicago Bulls hat




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